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When there is an item like this there in your home immediately keep it from your body

Everyday, a place to stay must be a place of rest awaited after a day of work. But, have you practiced good hygiene at home? Do not ever place to live instead become a den of germs that can interfere with health!

Did you know that some 'ordinary' items found at home actually have large amounts of germs?

Written Clickdokter. com The results of research carried out by Donofrio RS et al. 2012 from the University of Calcutta published in the Journal of Environmental Health below can help us increase awareness of primarily hygiene, even in everyday households.

Based on routine, we often focus more on cleanliness in one place, while underestimating cleanliness in another place.

When this happens, we will be prone to germ infection and the transfer of germs from some things to the body easily walk. What household items contain the most germs? The answer is dishwashing sponge!

Washing sponges are the most contaminated objects at home. Beyond that, kitchen space and dish washing become the most contaminated space, including cutting boards (cutting boards).
Therefore, invest in cleaning this space for health. Do the cleaning thoroughly and use good germ cleansing agents.

Beyond that, don't use a sponge for a long time. Quickly change the washing sponge before the germ starts to accumulate in it. It was found that the most common type of coliform bacteria occupy these dishwashing equipment.

The following is a list of the order of things carefully based on the number of germs in it: 
  1. Dishwasher sponge 
  2. The toothbrush handle 
  3. Bowl of pet food 
  4. Place cleaning dishes 
  5. Coffee cooker 
  6. Knob stove 
  7. Pet toys 
  8. Toilet seat 
  9. The bathroom handle 
  10. Bags, wallets, cell phones 

According to the research results, the place that appears to be cleaned is often the place that contains the highest germs.

This leads to the question, has it been effective in how we clean the space and some of the goods? From the same research, also found the existence of the number of germs so related to the frequency of cleaning and type of cleaning. Therefore, do not just clean the ingredients and use a quality cleaning fluid.

Last but not least, don't forget to regularly clean your hands with soap with the right techniques! With the scattering of many objects that contain germs, so the main way to avoid getting germs to the body is to clean your hands frequently.

Without realizing it we also often touch the mouth, nose, eyes, and others that can be the entrance to infection. Therefore, cleaning your hands is also one of your defenses.

Germs around the household can be found in unexpected places. Knowing and understanding our environment and the distribution of germs is the main thing so we can improve our health.
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