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Lately, there are so many casualties that need to be taken because of cancer, even cancer is a "deadly weapon" for human health today. Basically, the development of these cancers is inseparable from our daily eating routines, such as eating foods that have expired or moldy
there is one among the causes of cancer, therefore food that has been disposed of should be discarded!

Rice that musty smell or sour milk or oily food that has been contaminated by fungus, do not consume anymore! Why? Because the food is moldy, it will produce viruses that cause cancer in our body to develop such as, Alflatoxin, a cancer virus that causes liver damage

As a detoxifying organ, the liver is responsible for breaking down poisons and removing them from the body, so if our hearts have been damaged by cancer, toxins in our bodies cannot be detoxified and poisons will spread to our bodies and grow cancers that will take our lives.

Some people suspect that if we only eat apples that have been moldy in the uncontaminated part of the fungus, that's OK, but that's a BIG mistake! Thus our food begins to become contaminated with fungus, the food actually has fungus that spreads into it even though it is not visible in a physical way
by our naked eyes.

If you always eat like this, there will be opportunities such as signs of poisoning, fever, stomach ache, vomiting, stomach acid, etc., and the severe phase, a month after poisoning.
is kidney disease, swelling of the liver, ederma of the extremities and liver function. Not only that, there may be a chance that our heart will become enlarged, pulmonary edema, coma, etc.

So, remember we must pay attention to the freshness of the food we eat. Do not let the consumption of food that is expired and that has been contaminated with fungus or other viruses, let's take care of our health from the start!
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