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You certainly have often heard about kidney failure. Diseases caused by the shrinking of kidney power in searching for blood in the human body. Indeed, the kidney organ is one of the organs that has heavy work on the human body. For years, the kidneys in our bodies filter blood by removing salt and toxins that enter through food or other substances.

You also must have often heard that, kidney disease can not recover. If we bear the pain of kidney failure, only one hope is the step "clean" the kidney, and this consumes very expensive costs.

For one (1) Kidney washing costs Rp. 600,000, - (Six hundred thousand Rupiah) up to Rp. 1. 000. 000, - (One Million Rupiah). And it was less done only once. If we have been affected by kidney failure, we must wash the kidneys a number of 2 (two) times a week. Awesome, isn't it?

Therefore, let's take care of our health, especially the health of our kidneys before it's too late. These are tips for "cleaning" your kidneys in a natural and inexpensive way with just 10 thousand rupiah. Only you can do it!

Use "CELERY"! Such steps ... 

First take a bunch of Celery. 
Wash thoroughly, then cut into small pieces and put into a pan.
Then pour clean water into the pan and simmer for ten minutes then let it cool.

Then strain and pour in a clean bottle and store in the refrigerator until cool.
Drink one glass every day and you will see all the accumulation of salt and other toxins that come out of your kidneys when urinating.

You will see a difference that you have never felt before. CELERY is also known as the best treatment for kidney cleansing and that's NATURAL!
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