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5 Signs of breast cancer that should not be ignored

Breast cancer is one of the most cancerous types
Commonly exposed to women. In America, there are around 246. 660 cases
Breast cancer, and more than 40. 450 women died
Because of this disease.

Beyond that, 1 in 8 women in the United States could potentially
Breast cancer throughout her life. These numbers
Should be a reminder, so you can do
To prevent as early as possible.

To avoid or treat it, you need to know
Signal from this disease. Know the following symptoms
Very main, as an attempt to save
Your life.

1. Back pain.
  • Back pain can be signs of tumor formation
  • Breast cancer. In this matter, the spine, the ribs
  • Or your upper back will feel depressed. This could
  • Indicate that the tumor has been spread to the bones
  • Back.

2. Sustained cough or hoarsenic tone.
  • Hoarsenic tones and persistent cough
  • Recovered, can indicate that the cancer has already spread to
  • Lung. It has been happening at around 60-70 percent
  • Women. In many cases, cough can be a dry cough and shortness of breath.
3. Grow new mole or change of moles.
  • Moles are often associated with increased cancer risk
  • The skin, but at the same time, it may be a
  • The signal from breast cancer. One study was done on
  • 89.902 women aged 40-65 years and researchers examined
  • Their medical condition over the past 18 years.
They also documented the number of moles.
Throughout the research, a number of 5956 women were diagnosed
Breast cancer. Researchers found, participants who had
Many moles risk suffering from breast cancer 13
% higher.

Therefore, if you grow a new mole in your body or you see a change, ask your doctor immediately.

4. Fatigue.
  • This is another common signal on breast cancer problems.
  • But this goes on before you are diagnosed, as well as a feeling of fatigue
  • It can not be treated with rest or sleep alone.
  • Fatigue is also accompanied by sleep problems, depression and
  • Pain. According to the researchers, this appears to be a result of
  • Chemical imbalance in the body due to the
  • Cancer.
5. Substitution in bladder or stomach.
  • This type of cancer can result in substitution h0rm0n4l
  • And makes the urethra a natural dryness,
  • Make it difficult to control the bladder. State
  • This is known as incontinence.
Some symptoms of incontinence
Among them, the desire of unbearable urination,
The frequency of urination is more generally, to
Laughing, sneezing, coughing and exercise, and when urination
Smaller than most of the time.

If you experience the above symptoms, you must
Consult your doctor to find out
Its arguments.
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