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Five Deadly Diseases data are overcome by these leaves

The benefits of the vile leaves of shard as a natural remedy. Abominable shard is one of the bush plants that have a height of approximately 1 to 2 mtr. General signs of this plant that is having a broad stem with a rounded shape and has coarse hair.

Vile shard plants spread widely in some locations in Madagascar and Indonesia and can grow well at an altitude of about 50-1. 200 masl. Fertile soils such as in rural areas, such places are suitable for the breeding of these vile shard plants.

Abominable shard is one of the medicinal plants that has many health benefits, this plant is generally used as a traditional medicine that can handle various types of health problems such as kidney stones and smooth s3n! Water. Not only that this vile leaf can be identified can also treat various types of diseases including diabetes.

The benefits of the vile leaves of shard

Vile leaves contain potassium which has the benefit of dissolving stones formed from calcium oxalate salt in the gallbladder, bladder, and kidneys, so it's not wrong if the vile leaves are often used as traditional medicine to deal with these health problems.

Help treat cancer. Abominable shard leaves can be toxic to some cancer cells without causing damage to some healthy cells. though the vile leaves of shard can

make it as a traditional cancer drug even though handling it after that by medical means is needed for cancer patients rather than just relying on the traditional methods of the vile shard plant.

Avoid cancer. Except treating vile leaf cancer in the recognizable also has benefits to avoid cancer, it is because this plant contains high anti-oxidants which can avoid the bad effects of free radicals which is meant one of the triggers of cancer.

Treat diarrhea. Vile leaves can handle various types of problems related to digestion such as diarrhea.

How to use, namely: Take some of the vile leaves and then boil the glass with 2 cups of water, wait until the water is left half. If the mixture is already cold, you can drink it to deal with your diarrhea problems.

Makes smooth urination. Take around 4-6 pieces of vile leaves that have been washed beforehand, washed with 3 cups of water around 20 minutes-half an hour. Let stand until the cooking water is cold then you can drink it 2 times a day.

Destroy gallstones. Gallstones are formed from a biochemical system that involves the pigment of bile, calcium, and cholesterol. All of which are in the bladder or bile duct.

How to make a mixture of vile leaves of shard to destroy gallstones namely: prepare 5-6 pieces of vile leaves and 2 cups of water. Both ingredients are then boiled in a pan, wait until the remaining water is 1/2. After a cold drink this mixture twice a day. 
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