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Medication for Stomach Ulcers with Cinnamon Root

Herbal plants in such a popular country so many ingredients and kinds that are so useful and the main thing we know, one of the herbs that are consumed as medicine is liquorice.
This sweet root in its Latin meaning that is Glycyrrhiza glabra in cinat plant is known by the meaning of Gan cao, or licorice (philipina), this is only different meanings but the same benefits and benefits.

Liquorice signs
the benefits of liquorice root for health The plant is spilled which belongs to the tanaaman group which has flowers and seeds but which is used is the root, and you need it if the plant has not yet grown in our country.

Benefits of liquorice
the benefits of liquorice you can use as a cough and stomach medicine,

At this time of the cough season because the weather is quite extreme to the endurance of the body is weak so it causes us to be easily attacked by cough and filect for the following methods:

Provide around 1, 5 g of Sweet Roots, then provide around 8 g of Rhizome, Betel Leaves for example 3 strands and 130 ml of water around. then all ingredients are boiled (infused) and taken 2 times a day, first eat and drink boiled water around 100 ml. Disease

Gastric ulcer 
For those of you who experience gastric problems such as peptic ulcers so that the liquorice can be used for the remedy as follows:
Take Sweet Roots around 3 grams of liquorice root, medicinal plants 4g turmeric rhizome and 130 ml water, then pour all the ingredients and drink the results of 2 times a day, around 100 ml of boiling water

These are the benefits of liquorice and how they are made into medicines that we can give. take advantage of the liquorice until your illness is gone but don't consume it very much because it can cause signs of hypochlamia.
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  • Miradeviluke Rock ツ
    Miradeviluke Rock ツ 06 February, 2020 07:18

    Menjaga kesehatan lambung itu penting, walaupun harus translate tapi setidaknya dapat inti dari artikel ini

    Terimakasih sangat bermanfaat

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