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6 This food contains 6000 worms in it

The food cooking pattern can ensure the quality of health and its presence when consumed for human body. Where each food must contain nutrients that are quite diverse, to fulfill each consumption required by the body. For most people, it may be so much like food consumption in the raw state. Because it is in taste they can get all the content that is in the food to nourish the body.

But everything from the type of food is not sure what it thinks. Even it can also be the opposite, where consumption of some type of food in the raw state, can also harm the body and make some organs are also natural problems are quite fatal.

As well as some types of food it is actually there until 6000 worms in it. So from there you can more standby to first cook it by way of fitting, until it can be consumed in a safe and healthy. In a problem, there is a daughter named Xiao Yan, experiencing pain in her head for 6 months, and she also eventually checked her condition to ask the doctor for info.

And in fact after the doctor checked the condition of this woman, doctor also found there is a worm that is swimming in the organ of the brain. Until the doctor learns more about the cause. And in the end, the doctor also gave info if it was possible that Xiao Yan often consumed meat or perhaps raw vegetables that had worms in it. Until then the worm enters from the digestive tract into the brain tissue through the blood on the body.

And you need to know, if there are many types of food that can not be consumed in a raw way. This is because in some foods it has a lot of parasites in it, so it will harm your body health. Some of these foods can also lead to worms coming into your body. As such, you should be able to consume them in a state of cooking by means of appropriate processing as well.

Until the parasitic content in it is not until it gives a risky effect to the body health. And here are some types of food that can not be consumed raw, because many worms/parasites in it.

  1. Snail 
  2. The steaks are cooked rare 
  3. Crayfish 
  4. Keong 
  5. Lamb Chops 
  6. Bream 

Also remember, if you have a strong force to consume some type of food that is in the raw state, so it may be that it will cause worms to get in some of the food, until it enters the body. Outside of that, if the worm enters the human body, so the worms will try to penetrate the digestive wall through the blood channel. Furthermore the worm will find a comfortable home on the human body.

Therefore, do not consume raw food. Which is part of the food above or type of vegetables, preferably cooked first until it really has cooked. Then you can consume it. 
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