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This is a list of food HAZARDS when eaten together

When you mix food but it becomes risky ??
Did you know that not all types of food can be consumed together. When wrong in combining food, except for causing the absorption of nutrients in food properly sometimes sometimes even appear the possibility of the emergence of more serious risks, diarrhea, signs of poisoning, to the endanger your life!

A real example of "crab and persimmons". When both are consumed together, it can cause diarrhea. 

Main for you to recognize some types of food that can not be consumed together: 


1. Soybean product + Spinach 
When soy products (tofu, tempeh, etc.) and spinach are consumed when concurrently so both of them will affect the absorption of calcium and can cause blockages in the stomach.
Spinach contains oxalic acid, which can react with calcium from soybeans in the intestine and forms insoluble calcium oxalate. Which will affect the absorption of calcium later.

2. Soybean + Green Onions 
The combination of bean curd and green onion can affect calcium absorption. Bean curd contains many nutrients such as protein and calcium. But green onions contain a lot of oxalic acid. When meeting calcium oxalic acid, their calcium oxalate makes it destroy calcium. If someone eats bean curd combined with green onions for a long time, it can cause a lack of calcium resulting in seizures, osteomalacia and broken bones.

3. Milk + Chocolate 
Sure or not, milk and chocolate do not fit. While milk is rich in protein and calcium, chocolate contains oxalic acid. Consumed concurrently, calcium from milk and chocolate oxalic acid can combine and make the exception of calcium oxalate which is not easily dissolved in the body, can also cause diarrhea. 

4. Milk + Pomelo 
Protein in milk can react with acids in pomelo fruit and make a stomach feel bloated. This acid can also over-stomach the stomach and cause diarrhea.

5. Lactic acid drinks (yogurt etc.) + Ham 
Some people often eat sandwiches with yogurt. However, ham and meat in a sandwich, when consumed with yogurt, can cause cancer. To extend the preservation of meat products, producers provide nitrates to avoid spoilage and botulinus. But when you meet organic nitric acid, it can turn into nitrosamine, a carcinogen.

6. Soy milk + Eggs 
Soy milk contains nutrients including vegetable protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. When taken so nutritious. However, when taken in unison with eating eggs, can reduce the busy protease, which helps the body process protein. Eggs, of course, are so rich in protein. gaira


1. Meat + vinegar 
Mutton is "hot" food, while vinegar is "warm" and like 4lk0h0l. When both are cooked together, they can overactivate power and flow. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, a book about healing Chinese herbs, eating goats and vinegar when the same is detrimental to the heart.

2. Meat + watermelon 

Watermelon is "cold" food. When taken together with mutton, the "heat," the nutritious effect of mutton will decrease in a striking way. For those who suffer from spleen asthenia, can endanger the power and disrupt the spleen and stomach.

3. Cow + chestnut 
Cows and chestnuts are good for the stomach. However, chestnuts contain vitamin C, which can react with microorganisms in beef and reduce chestnut nutrition. This compound is not good for digestion and can cause dyspepsia.


1. Crab and tea 
In restaurants, food stalls and other eating places some people may have a habit of drinking tea after eating crab, guessing it's good for digestion. And vice versa it can cause digestive problems. Gastric fluid will be diluted after drinking tea while eating crab, and this not only interferes with assimilation but also reduces the stomach's ability to sterilize. On the other hand, tea has a number of persistent tannic acids.

2. Shrimp and vitamin C 
If a person eats shrimp and consumes a lot of vitamin C on the same day, he has a serious risk. Shrimp contain compounds that react with vitamin C to arsenic poison.
So after eating a meal with a good shrimp menu avoid drinking citrus ice cream or other drinks containing vitamin C.


1. White radishes and carrots 
The content of carrots can damage vitamin C in white radishes. To get the best nutrition, it's better to eat these two types of vegetables separately.

2. Persimmon and sweet potatoes 
Eating persimmons and sweet potatoes when the same can cause blockages in the stomach. The sugar in sweet potatoes is fermented in the stomach, which increases stomach acid. Together they can even cause stomach bleeding or stomach ulcers.

These are some foodstuffs that cannot be consumed at the same time, hopefully the mothers at home are more alert, hopefully useful. 
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