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This fruit is very effective to kill cancer, enough 5 minutes of cancer can heal in total

Awesome news spreads on taking out the world quickly and giving great hope to millions of people. Facilitate successful scientists get an anti-cancer drug that is natural and hengel.

This discovery is going on because of accident. Whatever it is, it is certainly a very encouraging result. Some scientists find that this fruit can kill carcinogenic tumors using the drug EVS-46 which is made from the seed of the fruit coming from the Blushwood tree.

The fruit of this tree can kill different types of cancer very quickly. In fact, of 75 percent of the problem, in the know of cancer never relapse anymore. Blushwood is such a rare tree that can only grow in specific areas of northern Australia. The invention gained from the study results for 8 years by a group of

Scientists from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane. The research was led by Dr. Glen Boyle. An, which makes a sample of the drug comes from this fruit, EBC-46, and has been used in 300 animals, including cats, dogs and horses.

No risk is caused, but what makes the scientist amazed how fast this fruit compound works. The remedy of this fruit reacts just five minutes and the tumor disappears in a few days.

 "Compound it works with three basic steps, kill some tumor cells in a way immediately, cut the blood supply and activate the immune system to clean up the abandoned mess.

 "It is surprising for us and so rare that we encounter the speed is running,

 "says Dr. Boyle. Dr. Boyle hoped, this fruit compound is only used for tumors that can be open through injection in an immediate manner. But the treatment will not be efficient for the type of metastatic cancer, therefore, can be coupled with chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Source: Healthy Food Team, My Fit Magazine.
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