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Benefits of longan fruit seeds

Like to eat longan fruit? Except for the sweet tastes and the freshness of the seeds, there are a variety of amazing benefits that we can use. Here are some of the benefits and benefits of longan seeds.

Benefits of Longan Seeds

1. Longan  seeds can treat snakebites 
If you are bitten by a snake to neutralize poisons so that they do not spread to the heart, you can try the initial treatment / first aid by sorting them with longan seeds, because longan seeds are believed to absorb toxins due to snakebites and sucking the toxin

2. Longan seeds protect hair health 
Surely you do not want your hair to be damaged quickly, dry and even easy to fall out, a natural way to protect your hair is to try using longan seeds for shampoo, because longan seeds contain saponin, which is the basic ingredient that is usually used for shampoo

3. Handling Finger itchy and festering feet 
Take some longan seeds, roast them on fire. Mash until smooth, spread the affected part.

4. Burns 
Take a little skin or longan shell, burn until charcoal. Finely mash and mix with tung oil (Aleuritis fordii). Give the burned part.

5. Outer wounds that do not heal 
Take a little skin or longan shell, burn to charcoal. Finely mash and mix with olive oil. Give it to the injured area.

Other benefits of longan fruit such as the following:

  • Weak and lack of energy during pregnancy
  • Nourish the Intestine
  • Smoothing Various

Laxative Diseases and Blood Flow: 
The middle of the longan tree root is also useful as a laxative urine and facilitate blood flow.

Antiinflammatory and Fever Reducers: 
Leaves from longan trees are also useful as an anti-inflammatory and fever reducer.

Get Rid of Pain and Stop Bleeding
Well so Don't Throw Your Longan Seeds!
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  • Rifki ali
    Rifki ali 02 March, 2020 05:31

    wow, I just found out that klengkeng seeds have many benefits, if there are benefits of papaya seeds, huh? very amazing benefits from this klengkeng seeds

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