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Benefits of fruit Gandaria efficacy for body health

Fruit Gandaria is a popular fruit tree, fruit is similar to small mango fruit. Although it tastes a bit sour, even mature, gandaria fruit is usually consumed in the fresh, or processed into syrup or made sweets (compote) that delicious.
The use of young fruit is more important, which is a flavoring in the typical sambal gandaria, and in the sauerkraut, as well as its large, soft-coloured chips that can enhance the attractiveness of the cuisine. Often the young leaves are purple in color (the color is white once when starting to appear) also consumed fresh, eaten with sambal gandaria. Gandaria is recommended to be planted in the transmigration area in Sumatra because of its abundant fruits and its tightly-fitting leaf, it is suitable as a protective tree.

Benefits and efficacy of Gandaria fruit

Fruit Gerindah is a fruit tree that thrives in Ambon area. The fruit has a small, mango-like shape. The fruit Gandaria has a sweet mixed sour flavor.

Gandaria fruit is usually used as a processed ice or syrup, can also for sweets. The young fruit is used as a flavoring in sambal that will certainly have a distinctive smell and flavor. As for the gandaria leaves are usually eaten directly with the test to the Chili fruit sambal. The edible leaves are young leaves that are still fresh and have a dark purple color. In addition to the fruit and leaves, trees of the Gandaria fruit can be used for home or others.

How to manage Fruit Gandaria

After we explained about the nutrition and the benefits of fruit Gandaria, below we will give a recipe how to make a fruit ice gandaria, how to make a fruit preserves gandaria and how to make a fruit sambal gandaria that later hopefully useful for you As a reader.

Well that's the benefits of fruit Gandaria for healthy body useful to treat diseases and often used to make juice or other ice drinks.
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