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Efficacy of leaves Dadap Serep for body health

Dadap or Trael (chicken, the Sea (Jw.; Dadap Blendung (Sd.); Theutheuk (Md.); Dalungdung (Bal.); Deris (Timor); Galala Itam (Maluku) and others), is a type of tree-member Fabaceae (= leguminosae) people who spread naturally on the beach and Areas behind it, especially near the estuary of the river.

The Dadap tree is an indigenous resident of the coastal forests, ranging from East Africa, India, southeast Asia, Archipelago to Australia, which grows in both humid and semi-dry areas, with rainfall 800 – 1500 mm per year and 5-6 wet months. Planted for various purposes, the drug is often found from the coastal region to an elevation of about 1500 m above. Despite being able to live on various ground conditions, the dadap likes deep, slightly sandy, and well-drainage lands. The DADAP is able to grow on salt soil, periodically submerged soil, and coral lime soil. Soil pH range between 4.5 – 8.0.

The palm trees can reach a height of 15 – 20 m and a gem of 50 – 60 cm. The bark parts are young skinned and smooth vertical green, grey, light brown or whitish; Stem usually with small sticky thorns (1 – 2 mm). The stem is similar to an umbrella or rounded, decomposing leaves in the dry season.

The leaf has a compound leaf with three leaves, green to light green, the shaft of the leaf with a stalk length of 10 – 40 cm. The round leaves the inverted egg, triangle, until the shape of the rhombus with Blunt end; The son leaves the biggest end of its size, 9-25 × 10-30 cm.

In addition to producing light wood, soft and colored puti good for the manufacture of floats, packaging crates, Pigura, and toys children, the leaves have a high protein (and nitrogen) content.
The flowers are composed in a cone-shaped bunch, in addition to or at the tip of a bald twig, which usually appears as if the leaves fall. The flower crown is orange to dark red; The flag is 5.5-8 × 8 cm, it has a short, not white striped. The thick and dark colored pods, narrowed among the seeds, 15-20 cm × 1.5 -2 cm, contain 5-10 egg-shaped seeds, brown, red or shiny purple.

Diseases that can be cured and how they are used:

Launching the breast milk
Young chest leaves can be used as a nutritious vegetable to multiply breast milk, making sleep better and with the flowers to make menstruation.

Treating worms, and dysentery
The pollen is mixed with honey and can be used to treat intestinal worms; Dadap leaf juice blended castor oil (Kasteroli) is used to cure dysentery.

Relieve rheumatism
The heated legged leaves are used as a poultice to relieve rheumatism. Pepagan (bark) DADAP has efficacy as a laxative, fastened urination and thinning phlegm.

Abdominal pain
Use a tapel on the stomach with the herb below to treat the heartburn, slimy and bloody stool: finely mash the leaf of a fresh spare tire and duck sosor to taste, add a little water. Then wrap it on the abdomen, repeat every 3 hours.

Spare tire drugs can be used as a heat-lowering drug by compression with finely-dipping spare tire leaves.

Preventing miscarriage
The leaves can be used to prevent miscarriage, by compressing stomachs with a finely dipping spare tire leaf, in addition to the adequate rest. Use octopus for the compression to last a long time.

To maintain the health of postpartum mothers, use the leaves of Dadap Serep and blend the abdomen when wearing octopus.

Well that's what I can tell you about the efficacy of the leaf Dadap serep for health that is able to treat various types of diseases such as the above that often interfere with the health of our body.
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