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Benefits of Lemon fruit for skin and hair beauty

Members of Orange family such as lemons, limes/lime, etc. are indeed similar to each other. Sometimes, for some people distinguishing lemon and lime is a difficult thing. So, what is the difference between these two pieces?

The most obvious difference between lemon and lime is in terms of color. Lemon usually has a yellow color, while green lime. Both are the Rutaceae family, but the genus and species are different. Lemons enter into a genus and species of citrus limon, while Lime is entered as an orange species of aurantifolia.

Benefits of Lemon fruit include the following:

Cleansing the face and body skin
Try to clean the face with lemon fruit and take care of skin with it. This fruit is very effective in getting rid of dirt and bacteria, and moisturizes the skin at the same time.

Oily Skin
Cleaning the face with cotton and lemon strokes is very effective. Try this treatment before going to bed and washing your face when waking up.

Overcoming black spots on the face
The acid content in lemon can brighten the skin and make it more fresh. But be careful with the scars that are on the face, use when the skin is in a wound-free state.

Overcoming Acne
You can rub lemon slices straight into the face, or to remove black stains can mix lemon with honey before applying it. Wait in five to 10 minutes before cleaning with cold water.

Overcoming dandruff and dry scalp
Coconut oil, olive oil, honey, and lemon can be alternatives to hair care that is dandruff and dry.

Make Hair shiny
Lemon fruit is arguably the cheapest highlight that makes you no longer need to shop. Combine lemon juice and conditioner, comb, and soak in the sun in a few hours, then wash. Repeat this way once a week and the hair is believed to be more shiny.

Well-well it benefits lemon fruit for the beauty of skin and hair that you need to know to look smooth, fresh and beautiful as well as hair shiny with lemon and the cost is also very cheap. Good try it at home and hopefully useful yes.
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