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The benefits of fennel leaves for body health

The pharmacological effect of fennel, including increasing body resistance, flu, anti-kholinesterase, premature ejaculation, stimulating erction, anesthesia, stimulating sweat, hepar amplifier, and central nerve stimulant, prevents infertility, Strengthen the life force of sperm.

Fennel also plays a role in inhibiting enzyme production, slowing aging and fennel can also be used as the raw material for the manufacture of steroid hormones or birth control drugs.

Curable diseases and how to use them:

Wash 5 g dried fennel fruit, brew it with 1 cup of water, then chill. Drink at once a glass a day.

Deterrent and healing impotent
Mix 10 g fennel, 25 g pulosari, 10 g garlic, 25 g pepper, 25 g turmeric into one. Mash the ingredients finely and add hot water to the shape of the solution. Add a tablespoon of pure, 2 pieces of chicken egg yolks, then stir until blended. Drink a Solution 2-3 hours after dinner and do one day once in a month.

Tumor and Cancer prevention
Wash clean 5 g fennel fruit, 100 root alang-Alang and 1-2 stem loranthus teh. Boil all ingredients with 2 cups of water until one Cup is left then chill. Strain the Rearannya water then drink 2 times a day each of 1/2 glasses.

Wash clean 15 g anise fruit 15 g cinnamon bark that has been pounded finely. Boil all ingredients with 4 glasses of water. Put in the 10 g turmeric that has been thinly sliced. After remaining 2 cups of water, chill, then drink 2 times a day each 1 cup do routine for 7 days.

That is the benefit of fennel leaves for the health of the body that you need to know as a traditional natural medicine that very much benefits for health to avoid diseases such as above. Always keep your health and have a good try at home ya.
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