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Benefits of Orthosiphon Aristatus for body Health

Ortthosiphon Aristatus belongs to the botanical family of Labiatae or Lamiaceae. This plant is known as the region Remujung, Sesalasean and Soengot Koceng.

Ortthosiphon Aristatus A glimpse of the rich name Ortthosiphon Aristatus Beneran Rich instead of medicinal herbs that I will explain maybe the shape of the same time yes the same whiskers cat Beneran. Ortthosiphon Aristatus is often used as a medicinal herb that is useful to treat various types of diseases that harm our health, then I will try to explain the benefits of the leaf Ortthosiphon aristatus below complete with the way.

Diseases that can be healed and how to use them as follows:

Bladder infections
The stone in the bladder 5-10 strands of the Ortthosiphon are boiled with half a glass of water and drink 2x a day.

Sick urinary Stones
4-7 leaves Ortthosiphon aristatus, 7 plants Meniran, boiled with 2 glasses of water to stay half, drink 3x a day.

Gout, uric acid
4-5 leaf Ortthosiphon aristatus, 4-5 plants Meniran, boiled with clean water until half the water lived and drink 3x a day.

The leaf Ortthosiphon aristatus and the Beluntas each 1 handheld, black cumin 1 teaspoon and 10 seeds, then boiled and drunk 2x a day.

Maybe it's some benefit of the benefits leaves Ortthosiphon aristatus which I can tell all may be beneficial. This whole plant or leaf can all be used for traditional alalmi treatment.

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