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Benefits of Kale for bodily health

Benefits of Kangkung efficacy for body health
Kale is a vegetable that grows well in the tropics. In Indonesia, there are two types of kale that are commercially cultivated, namely ground kale (Ipomoea Reptans) and water kale (Ipomoea Aquatica).

The main difference between these two types of spinach is the shape of the leaves and the color of the flower. Water spinach is one of the versatile types of vegetables when cooked it can be done with anything, well behind it water spinach has properties contained in it that can treat the types of diseases as below which I will explain to you all to always be aware of diseases and always maintain the health of our bodies from disease.

Here Are The Benefits Of Kale Among As Follows:

Treat nosebleeds
Take a bunch of kale leaves, wash and then crushed until smooth, add a little sugar, then brew with one hot water, after a cold strain and drink the mixture 2 times a day.

Treating Headaches
A bunch of fresh water spinach boiled with 2 cups of water to 1 cup, then drink the boiled water.

Reducing Menstruation
Prepare about half a kg of kale, then ground until smooth add half a glass of water, then strain and add a tablespoon of honey. Drink once a day.

Treating hemorrhoid
Prepare a handful of kale root, boil with 3 cups of water until the remaining half. After a cold, drink half a glass 2 times a day.

Overcoming Insomnia
For those of you who have difficulty falling asleep at night, immediately eat kale leaves sauteed without stems, this method is very effective for the disease.

... urinating

Take a handful of kale root, then boil with 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup. Drink the cooking water once a day.

That is the benefits of kale for body health and treat several diseases such as the above so that it is always healthy and not affected by the disease in the traditional traditional way. Hope it is useful for everyone.
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