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Benefits of Castor Leaves for Body Health

Distance is an upright shrub that grows at an altitude between 0 - 800 m above sea level, 2 - 3 m high, easy to breed with old seeds. Jatropha is a yearly plant with a smooth, hollow rounded stem with clear marks with loose leaf stalks, a green color with a red tinge.

Single leaf, grows alternately, wakes up rounded leaves with a diameter of 10-40 cm, with a wide finger 7-9, pointed leaf tips, toothed edges, leaf color on the upper surface dark green under surface light green. We often encounter in the forests, but we do not know the benefits contained in castor leaf.

1. Koreng
20 seeds are discarded, crushed into pulp,
add a little salt and mix evenly. Stick it to the hospital
2x a day.

2. Uterine and Rectum Prolapsus
Mash the castor beans and use / put on the point Pai hui yang
located on the head.

3. Difficulty in Childbirth and Placental Retention
Mash the castor beans and stick them to the Yungchuan acupuncture point
(VIII / 1 = K-1) located in the middle of the foot.

4. Facial Muscle Paralysis
Mash the castor beans, attach them to the mandibular joint and
mouth arch, 1 x day, for 10 days.

5. Cervical Cancer
Ointment / cream containing 3-50 / o ricin & 3% dimethyl sulfoxide, applied topically
in cervical cancer 1 x / day, 5-6x / week for 1-2 months.
Done together with extracorporal radiation.

Those are some of the benefits of castor leaf health benefits for our body that are often not known by traditional traditional medical treatment, but many of the benefits that we do not know. Hope it is useful for us.
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