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Benefits of leaf dollar for body health

The Latin name of the plant known as the dollar Plant is Zamioculcas zamifolia. It originated in the African continent, in the country of Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. This plant includes plants that do not require much water. In its natural habitat, Zamioculcas live in dry meadows with rocky soils. This original nature makes this plant not troublesome in its treatment.

Zamiocurcas is an import plant introduced in Indonesia around the year 1996. Although in fact in Indonesia, there is already a local kind of Zamia Zamiifolia. The difference of local type of growth is faster and often planted in parks because it is better with sunlight compared with the import Zamiocurcas.

The plant is a dollar we commonly know with plants or Javanese leaves. Nevertheless, this plant is a type of plant that originally originated in Africa, precisely Kenya. Usually these plants live and live on locations that have contours of rocky soil and also dry meadows, so it is not troublesome in terms of treatment.

The following are some of the benefits of dollar crops:

Can treat and reduce symptoms of indigestion such as stools and hemorrhoid

The first benefit of this plant or leaf dollar is to help cure the stools disease and can also help relieve the hemorrhoid symptoms experienced by the sufferer. To be able to take this benefit, then you can use the stem from this dollar leaf to treat symptoms.

Here are some events and also steps you can take:
  • Take approximately 15 grams of dollar leaf stem
  • Wash clean, then boil with about 2 glasses of water to boil
  • Chill, then filter the resulting water
  • Drink the stew for two times a day
This will help you to relieve and help heal the hemorrhoid symptoms in your body.

Can neutralize free radicals, because it has a flavonoids content and also polyphenols

Apparently the benefit of dollar leaves or known as the Javanese plant is also very good as one of the leaves that can ward off free radicals. This is due to the dollar leaf is a type of plant that contains flavonoids and high polyphenols, so it is beneficial as a plant that can ward off free radicals.

As we know, free radicals are one of the problems of health issues in the human body. Therefore, with the dollar leaves, then you can avoid the appearance of symptoms and also health disorders that can harm you.

Are dollar leaves harmful to health?

Some of this time, precisely at the beginning of the year 2016 a serial message appears about the dollar leaves or the dollar plant is toxic and can harm the human body. This is because the plant or leaves of this dollar can cause humans to experience leukemia, even causing the emergence of cancer. Is the news true?

Apparently the news is a lie news, aka Hoax. Consuming a dollar plant or leaves this dollar will not cause a person to experience leukemia and also cancer. Fact that this plant is essentially a type of plant that has a flavonoids content and also polyphenol content, break it.

The interesting of Zamioculcas zamifolia or this Dollar Tree is its distinctive leaf which is the leaves grow parallel along its trunk with a distance that is slightly away from one leaf to the other. This is one of the reasons why it is called a Dollar Tree. The leaves are symmetrical, thick as they contain plenty of water, dark green colored leaves. The number of leaves grows not much. Another attraction is the base of the stem that can enlarge to form a unique hump. Please note that the Zamia tree has advantages for apdatation of air temperature so that it is able to live in tropical to sub tropical areas.

That's what I tell you about the benefits of healthy dollar leaves for the health of the body that is able to prevent while treating various types of diseases that can harm our health.
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