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Benefits of Mangosteen skin for body Health

In Mangosteen, especially in the skin of the fruit is very strong anti-oxidant substance with a content of nearly 10 times the antioxidant content derived from other fruits.

The anti-oxidant name is Xanthone, where this anti-oxidant is able to inhibit cancer cell growth and is able to protect cells from free radical attacks causing various disease disorders, so this commodity is highly sought after by the pharmaceutical circles To be extracted and used as raw materials for herbal medicine: cancer, high blood, diabetes, prostate, lung diseases, kidney and others.

Thus, Mangosteen is known as the "Queen of the Fruit", as a durian couple, and the "King of the Fruit". Mangosteen with Coke, kandis acid and gelugur acid, the kitchen spice herbs from Indian and Sumatran Boga traditions. We often eat this fruit, but only the inside AJA is meat alone and often we dispose of the skin, but behind it there are benefits that exist in the skin of mangosteen.

In addition to having good fruit meat, apparently the skin of mangosteen fruit has a efficacy that is not inferior to the flesh. Mangosteen Bark contains a lot of very high vitamins and antioxidants. The taste is bitter and red, mangosteen skin has a lot of good efficacy for human body. But now the skin of mangosteen fruit has been widely processed as a juice drink or extract pills.

The content of Xanthone, tannins, beta Mangosteen, and several other substances is known to be a natural remedy. Compound substances in mangosteen bark can maintain and form an immune system, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and so on. But the efficacy of mangosteen skin extract is still a lot that does not know. This is the benefit and efficacy of mangosteen skin:

Here are the benefits of Mangosteen skin as written below:

Benefits of Mangosteen Skin
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Cure inflammation.
  • Improve communication between cells.
  • Gloralizing DNA damage.
  • Tool lymph system.
  • Maintain optimal function of goiter glands.
  • Reduce insulin resistance.
  • Help weight loss.
  • Cure nerve damage.
  • Balancing the endocrine gland system.
  • AIDS from the synergy of the body.
  • Relieve hemorrhoids.
  • Helps lower blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia).
  • Relieves reddish/scaly skin disease (psoriasis).
  • Deep Care

Firstly prepare 1 mangosteen skin that has been cleaned first, after which the pieces become different parts. Then blend it with the added water as much as 1/2 cups until smooth. Then drink 1 time a day at night before bedtime. Do this routine treatment and see the results in the first month, the skin will look smooth, bright, clean and away from skin diseases such as acne and premature aging.

Outdoor treatment

Take 2 dried mangosteen skins and blend with 1/2 cups of water until smooth. After that, the water is exhausted and allow for 3 hours until there is a precipitate of mangosteen bark extract. After that, remove the water on it, then use a mangosteen bark extract to make a facial mask. Do this treatment every night and leave until tomorrow morning then clean.

These are the benefits of mangosteen skin that is very important for the health of the body as a natural traditional treatment that most people do not know, but behind the mangosteen skin is a lot of benefits.
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