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Benefits of Tempuyung Leaf Benefits for Body Health

Tempuyung leaves have benefits as herbal remedies due to the content of its compounds. Some of them are saponin, flavonoid, polyphenols, beta-lactucerol, alpha-Lactucerol, inositol, mannitol, potassium, Taraksasterol, and silica.

A study conducted by Prof. Dr. Sarjito of Gajah Mada University Yogyakarta concerning the benefits of Tempuyung leaf as a kidney stone medication. He soaked some kidney stones that had been issued in boiling water in Tempuyung leaves at a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius.

In this experiment, some of the baths of kidney stones are shaken to resemble movements in the body, and some are still silent. Afterwards, the kidney stones are weighed and the calcium content of the inside is chemically measured. The result is satisfactory because the whole kidney stone experiment decreases its weight.

He also examined the ability of the Tempuyung leaves in a kidney shed by using X-ray rays and examined the crystals in urine. The results of this research are equally satisfying, Tempuyung leaves can destroy kidney stones in the body. And from the results of other research found that the content of potassium in the Tempuyung leaves that play an important role in the decay of kidney stones.

Tempuyung leaves do have enough potassium that is quite affluent. Potassium is able to describe calcium carbonate by combining yourself with carbonate compounds, oxalate, or gout crystals that are components of the kidney stones. This leads to the eventual rupture of kidney stones and soluble with urine.

Besides as a kidney stone medicine, there are quite a variety of benefits of other Tempuyung leaves. One of them as uric acid drugs. It is still closely related to the Tempuyung ability to dissolve the uric crystals in case of kidney stones. Patients with uric acid deposition of uric crystals in the capillary vessels that often cause painful pain in the joints.

The disease can be cured and how it is used:

Urinary Tract disease
  • Take the fresh Tempuyung leaves
  • Wash until clean
  • Roast the Tempuyung leaves in flames briefly, (until a little wither)
  • Make the Tempuyung leaves as fresh vegetables, rice dishes.
Peeing Stones
  • Take 150 mg of dried tempuyung leaves
  • Wash until clean
  • Boil the herb with a volume of water 250 cc to boil
  • Drink the herb water three times a day until the disease cured.
  • Take the stem and Tempuyung leaves
  • Wash until clean
  • Tumbuk until smooth both herbs
  • The water grab
  • Apply to the bagins that are water ulcers and the concoction of the herb.
Urinary Bladder and gallstones
  • Prepare: 5 pieces of tempuyung leaves and add grated coconut to taste.
  • Processing: Wash clean and wipe briefly then mix with the grated head as with the way it makes urap.
  • How to use: eaten with rice anget as fresh vegetables can be consumed in 3 x 1 day.
High Blood
  • Prepare: 5-10 sheets of tempuyung leaves and also grated coconut roughly taste add also Belimbing Wuluh roughly as mixed.
  • Processing: Clean wash first then marinated and next mixed with grated head. The belimbings are diced for fresh mixture.
  • How to use: Eaten with white rice anget as fresh vegetables can be consumed in 3 x 1 day.
Overweight (obesity).
  • Prepare: Leaves Tempuyung 4 pieces of water 100 ml
  • Processing: boiled to boiling.
  • How to use: Drink for once. Recommended for 21 days
  • Prepare: 15 grams Tempuyung Two glasses of white water add honey to taste enough to reduce the bitter taste in the mouth.
  • Way of making: boil the tempuyung leaves until the water is 1 cup.
  • How to use: Add honey and drink while warm.
So I can explain about the efficacy of tempuyung leaves for health useful to prevent while treating various types of diseases such as the above that often interfere with the health of our body.

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