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Tasks and responsibilities of a Server Admin you should know

Being a server admin is very risky if it is not lived with clarity and responsibility. Server Admin is the one who manages all the activities of the server, starting from the beginning built, maintenance until repair.

You need to know that being a server admin is not an easy thing. Server admins are required to take care of and maintain server performance in order to keep it running properly. In a company, the role of server admins is very important.

Server admins have 3 key tasks such as building, managing, and repairing servers. All three tasks are "required" to do a server admin to keep the server running properly.

Seoarang Admin server does not work alone, usually they form a team. It is very impossible that there are only 1 server admin in a large company, because being a server admin is very difficult and risky.

A server admin doesn't just work with a colleague alone. They also work with other workers such as supervisors, to technical workers. In addition, as a server admin should be good at talking because the server admin should also be able to explain the various technical things to the layman. Read also about the 6 things you need to analyze before building a server.

Server Admin Duties and responsibilities
A server admin is very mandatory to make the server run smoothly and ensure the server security is awake. Because data from a company is very important, the server admin should really pay attention to the security of the server is maintained. Here are some of the tasks and responsibilities of a server admin:

  • Resolve any problems that occur on the server.
  • Make repairs and upgrades (if necessary) on the server.
  • Keeping the network activity on the company continues to run well.
  • Periodically backup data.
  • Troubleshooting If suspicious activity occurs on the server.
  • Keeping the software used the server is kept up to date.
  • Integrate with new technology (if any).
  • Manage users like add or remove users.


Being a server admin is not easy. Server Admins are fully responsible for server performance and a server admin should be able to optimize the server as best as possible to run well.

Making repairs, troubleshooting, software updates and configuring the server to be even better is a routine that a server admin should do.

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