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Definition of MAN network with advantages and disadvantages

Computer networks generally consist of 5 types namely LAN, MAN, WAN, wireless, and Internet. Actually, the concept of each type of computer network is the same to be able to connect to various network devices used to communicate or share resources.

Distinguishing from the five types of computer networks is the coverage of the region, network area, and the technology used by the computer network includes the use of cables, IP Adressing, and security systems.

This time will be discussed further on the network of MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). As the name of this computer network is used to connect computer networks that exist in a city to other cities. Here's a further explanation of the understanding of the MAN network and its shortcomings and benefits.

Definition of MAN Network

The network of MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is a type of computer network that is more widespread and more sophisticated than the LAN computer network. It is called Metropolitan Are Network because this type of computer network used to be able to connect existing computer network from one city to another.

To be able to create a network MAN, usually it will need telecommunication operator which can connect between computer network with other computer network. For example, the network of Depdiknas between regions or cities even also a network of malls in order to connect with each other between cities. This network includes a city that is equipped with a fairly high data transfer rate. It can be said if the MAN network is a combination of multiple LAN networks.

The range for the MAN network itself ranges from up to 10-50 km. The MAN network has only one or two cables but it is not equipped with switching elements that can serve to make the draft more simple. The cable also serves to manage the power pack by going through the output cable.

There is however the main reason why MAN is separated as a special category. This is because it has been standardized to the network MAN. Even the standard is now being implemented. The standard in question is DQDB (Distributed Queue Dual Bus) or known as 802.6 in accordance with IEEE standards. DQDB consists of two unidirectional cables which are all computers connected.

Actually, there are two types of connections that are usually used, the first is the connection that uses the wireless way and the second is the connection that uses fiber optic cable. For example, the network is available at the Bank. Each bank of course has its headquarters and branch offices.

From each office, either the head office or branch of course has a LAN network, which the merger of the LAN network that is in each office will form the network of MAN. This MAN network can usually support data either text or voice. It can even be related to radio waves or cable television networks.

Wireless MAN can usually play on several frequencies, among others are 900 MHz, 1.5 GHz, 2 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 3.3 GHz, as well as 5.8 Ghz. and frequencies that are currently permitted by the Government of Indonesia for general public use are at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

MAN Network functions
The function of the MAN network itself is to build and implement a network system that combines between the servers with the aim of being able to meet all the internal needs of the company and the government in communicating A network that is used so as to do various activities such as chat, Messenger, and others using local bandwidth.

Advantages and disadvantages of MAN network
Here are some advantages of the MAN network you need to know:
  • A Server located at the head office can serve as the data center of all the existing branch offices.
  • Real-time transactions (data that is on the central server will be updated at the moment)
  • The coverage of the area from its network is wider compared to other computer systems, so communicating can be more efficient and certainly makes it easier for businesses to do.
  • Communication conducted between one office and another can use chat, email and other.
  • Video Conference (ViCon)
  • The security of the MAN computer network is better than others.
Not only has the advantage, of course every computer network is lacking in it. Here are some disadvantages that MAN network have:
  • The operating costs of the MAN network are more expensive than other networks.
  • Installation of the network infrastructure is not easy.
  • If there is trouble on the network like the network trouble shoot will be tricky to solve it. So it takes quite a long time to fix it.
  • Can be the target of the cracker which is used for personal gain.
It can be concluded if the MAN network is a computer network that covers a area of the city and is a combination of several LAN networks. This MAN network can be easily found at schools, offices, factories, and others. Well that's the detailed explanation related to the understanding of MAN network and its advantages and disadvantages.
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