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Adwords Course: Advice To Obtain More Traffic To Your Site

Adwords Course: Advice To Obtain More Traffic To Your Site

Many people with an online presence, whether it is an online business or a website to provide more exposure for your offline business, would like to take an adwords course to learn how to use it to maximize their online exposure.

You see, an adwords course can help you get more traffic to your website by utilizing this Pay Per Click model.

If you aren't sure what Pay Per Click, or PPC, is all about, here is a brief overview:

1. PPC is an advertising model that will drive targeted traffic to your website, or whatever site you want to.

2. You will only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and not just when they see your ad, hence the term 'pay per click'.

3. The total amount you will pay for each click will depend on the keywords you target as well as other factors such as your quality score.

So, two people bidding on the same keyword may not actually pay the same amount.

If one person has a high quality score and one has a mediocre or low quality score, the person with the lower score will pay more.

4. There are many factors that go into making up your quality score. One of them is the click through rate, CTR. This shows the percentage of people who see your ad and actually click on it.

The higher your CTR, the more people who click on it, the higher quality your ad is considered to be by Google.

If Google thinks your ad is high enough quality they will reward you with a higher quality score.

As you can see, this advertising model is complicated so going through the certification course is a great way to increase your knowledge and the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

You can even market your PPC skills if you receive the Adwords certification and make money that way.

So, what do you have to do to to gain this coveted certification? Well, you have to be willing to put in some time and effort, but other than that, it won't cost you a thing.
You see, Google provides all of this at no charge. It is all contained right online and you can work at your own pace.

Once you register, did I mention it was free?, all you have to do is study everything in the learning center. 

There are several sections of the course and most people recommend that you start with the Fundamentals section first.

This is a prerequisite and will help you transition into the more advanced techniques in the course.

After you get through this section you will then have three other selections to get through.

In order to receive your certification you must pass a total of two exams. One of the two must be the Fundamentals exam.

Once you pass the Fundamentals you can choose from other selections.

Here are the other selections you can choose from:

1. Search Advertising Advanced Exam

2. Display Advertising Advanced Exam

3. Reporting And Analysis Advanced Exam

So, you can go through this adwords course for free online and become a certified expert. You can then use that expertise to get better results from your own campaigns or to become a consultant to help others. A great deal.
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