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Benefits of mango fruit efficacy for health and beauty

Mango fruit often we eat as a washer mulu after meals and do not know the benefits and efficacy contained in this mango fruit. This mango fruit is very efficacious to treat various types of diseases that harm our body, so I will explain about the benefits of mango fruit to health below hopefully infonya beneficial for all.

Mango fruit is a fruit that has meat. The size and shape are varied depending on type. There are round shaped like mango Gedong, shaped round eggs like mango arum sweet, etc. There is also a elongated oblong shaped like mango Golek.

The benefits of Mango fruit include the following:

Cleansing the Face

The benefits of mango fruit can also be for beauty, which is able to remove acne and clean pores. How to use it can be consumed or also can be using an outside.

Maintain body temperature

Green mango juice mixed with water and sweetener is able to cool the body and prevent fatigue due to the heat of sunlight that burns the body.

Lowering cholesterol

The content of vitamin C, pectin and fiber found in mango fruit has a high rate and helps to lower cholesterol in particular the bad fats (LDL) so as to prevent exposure to stroke.

Preventing cancer

The research found that antioxidant compounds that exist in mango fruit (fisetin, isoquercitrin, Gallic acid, quercetin, Astragalin and also Methylgallat) turned out to have the efficacy of protecting the body against prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia.

The benefits of mango fruit for health is useful to prevent some of the above diseases and beauty so that our skin is always toned and smooth to look beautiful especially women.
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