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How To Improve Your Adsense Conversion Rates To Raise Profit

How To Improve Your Adsense Conversion Rates To Raise Profit

Why do some web site owners find that they only get a 1 percent Adsense conversion rate while others report a 20 percent or better average? 

Adsense conversion depends on a number of factors and there are many things you can do on your web site to increase the number of click through’s.

First of all, what is Adsense?

When people buy ads on Google, they have the option of also placing the ads on the content network. 

Actually, they default to placing the ads on the content network and have to remove that option if they want to only place the ads on Google’s search pages. 

These ads on Google are called Adwords.

Adsense, on the other hand is Google’s word for you, the website owner, who places their ads on your pages.  You get a percentage of the amount of money that Google gets for each ad.

Of course, people have to actually click on the ad in order for you to get paid.  So, your job as an Adsense merchant is to do two things. 

First, you have to get people to come to your site and then you have to get them to click on the ads on your page.

Getting people to your site is beyond the scope of this article, but I am going to show you how to get people to click on your ads.

First of all, you want to have laser-focused content. 

A blog about your life where you talk about breaking up with your girlfriend one day and about memories about fishing with your grandpa the next is not going to make much money. 

If you want to slap Adsense on a blog to make a few pennies, that’s okay.  But as a business model, it stinks.

Instead, create a website or blog around one highly focused, high earning concept.  For instance, a site about car insurance or personal injury law is going to make more money than a site about hummingbird feeders. 

It’s a matter of supply and demand.

Next, you want to have a lot of pages of content. 

Articles over 500 words just perform better. 

People feel like they’ve gotten some “meat” from your site and don’t hit the back button as quickly. 

You should have at least 20 pages of content on each Adsense site and many have hundreds of pages. 

Not only does that give a visitor multiple places to enter, they can also navigate within your site to have a good experience. 

Then, when they click away, it will likely be through one of your Adsense links rather than through a back button.

The look of your site also matters. 

You don’t want the ads to just “blend in”. 

Make the links stand out so people will know to click them. 

Many studies have shown that the 250x250 leaderbox put flush left under the headline with the article wrapped around converts the best.

Of course, you should do your own testing on all of these features. 

Adsense is a moving target. 

The only way to stay on top of Adsense Conversion is to continually monitor your performance.

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