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Google Keywords Tool Can Improve Your Ads

Google Keywords Tool Can Improve Your Ads

You can improve your ads ranking on the search results page if you fine relevant keywords to use in your ad by putting the Google keywords tool to good use.

When you search for keywords it is best to find keywords that have the highest average cost per click if your budget can handle it.

Google ads are the ones that show up on the right side of the search results page. If you want your ad to rank high on the results pages you have to have a page that is optimized.

This how you will get the most traffic to your site.

The Google keywords tool is easy and free to use even if you do not have an active AdWords account.

However, you will not have access to the all-important cost-per-click information unless you do have an AdWords account. So your first step is to sign in to AdWords and register.

The AdWords account is also free to you.

Once you have an AdWords account then you can start your keyword research by going to the website and typing in a keyword or keyword phrase or the URL for your website into the text box.

Click the AdWords button then enter the security Captcha then click the search button.

The tool will automatically show you a list of relevant terms you can analyze to find what will work for you.

Pay attention to the column that shows the average CPC.

This is where you will make your money.

Do not choose any keyword that has an average CPC of less than $0.50.

These keywords are not worth your time.

The best keywords are those with a CPC higher than $0.50 and a competition of less than 3.00.

If you find a keyword that fits these criteria you can try to use it for your ad.

You will have to test it to see how it performs out in the marketplace. Pick a keyword and then write your ad.

Test each ad, one at a time, for two weeks with a different keyword for every two week trial. Track the results and then try out another keyword for another two weeks

This is a good way to find a niche as well. If you are into niche marketing then you can analyze this keyword further to see if you can find out if a website is available.

If there is a website available then you could turn around and buy the domain name.

The all you have to do is put up a website and use that keyword to drive traffic to your new site.

If you already have a website and are just trying to drive traffic by placing an ad on Google then you must look at the Local and Global Monthly Search tabs to find out how many people search for that term every month.

Obviously, the more people searching for that term the better. Effectively using the Google keywords tool can mean money in the bank for you.
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