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Benefits of Kenanga Flower for Body Health

Canangium flower is often called kenongo in Javanese and has the Latin name Canangium odoratum baill, a plant from the Annonaceae family, which is a flower that has a very distinctive smell, and is usually known as a perfume tree, this flower plant is thought to have originated from Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia. This ylang flower is often used for sowing flowers and trees as shade in the yard of the house and on the sides of the road.

This flower is a wild plant that can grow up to 30 meters and can thrive in areas up to 1200 meters above sea level. Canangium odoratum contains farnesol, benzene, geraniol, safrol, eugenol, cadinene, gasoline acetate, linalool, and pinen. The oil content is quite high but it is very volatile. Some people in the island of Java often use this flower for rituals, mixed with jasmine flowers, roses and other flowers, soaked in water from 7 wells, the soaking water is called 'Air Bunga Setaman' which is usually used for bathing for newlyweds. during the siraman ceremony, it is also used during other ceremonies.

Flowers with a fragrant aroma and yellowish green color together with jasmine and kantil are the favorite flowers of members of the royal family in the Java island kingdom, in the aristocratic family these flowers are used for "ngadi salira" (body care). For the use of fragrances with the aroma of cananga, it shows its own softness for the wearer, DR. Martha Tilaar said in her essay entitled "Beauty of Eastern Women", Ms. Fatmawati (wife of the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno) used to wear cananga flowers mixed with pandan leaves and mangkokan leaves boiled with coconut oil as an ingredient to blacken and nourish her hair. In addition, cananga flowers are also used by some people to make traditional medicines, which can treat coughs due to bronchitis, shortness of breath medication, and malaria. In addition, this flower can also be used as an ingredient for making herbs for mothers who have just given birth.

Diseases that can be cured and how to use them:

Treating Bronchitis
To treat bronchitis, provide 2 kenanga flowers, then boil them with one glass of hot water to boil until the remaining half a glass. After chilling, drink the water regularly every morning and evening.

Treating Malaria
To treat malaria, take 3 kenanga flowers that have been dried. Then brewed with 1 cup of hot water, then closed tightly. After chilling, the water is filtered and drunk regularly.

Jamu After Childbirth
After giving birth, a mother needs to recover her body condition. In ancient times when doctors and midwives were still rare, the guguni or paraji often made herbal medicine to restore the condition of the mother who gave birth.

The ingredients are: young cananga flowers, rapet wood, pegatsih, pepet keys, turmeric, jongrahab, jalawe, and jakeling. All ingredients are finely ground (crushed), then brewed with hot water. Then the water is filtered and drunk.

Shortness of breath medication
Cananga flowers are also effective in treating shortness of breath due to asthma and allergies. How, ½ handful of cananga flowers and 1 ½ spoon of white sugar boiled in one glass of hot water until the remaining half a glass. Filter the water and drink regularly every morning and evening.

So, those are the benefits of cananga flowers for the health of the body which are useful for treating various types of diseases as I have described above. Some people just like to use this flower for 7 forms of flowers, but behind it all contains extraordinary properties in it.
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