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If you are a blogger, where do you usually get image material for posts on your blog? Do you just take it directly from google images?

Well, you need to know that the images available on Google Images are not all free for you to use, because there are images that have copyright.

So what's the problem? Of course that's a big problem, if you want to develop a website, when there is duplicate content especially if there is copyright, either in the form of text or images, your website will rank down on search engines like Google, because it uses other people's images without permission, and worse. , You could be subject to criminal sanctions.

Google really doesn't like content that violates its rules, if you want to monetize your site or blog, of course it will also be an obstacle, or it could be banned.

So from now on in developing a site that you have, you must look for image providers that are royalty free (no credit required and copyright free), so that your site can compete and be seen well in the eyes of search engines. Don't download it carelessly on Google Images and republish it, but for personal use, of course, it can still be tolerated

In addition to images to fill site content, royalty-free images are also good for those of you who are just learning editing or image manipulation, of course this is one of the professional ethics, namely avoiding the stamp of a plagiarist.
Here are 12 sites that provide copyright-free free images


The first royalty-free image provider site is pixabay, this site is already very famous because it provides more than 1 million images without copyright and with high quality.

Not only pictures, on this site you can also find shared videos, illustrations, and vectors, so it's very complete for your choices on this site.


The second copyright-free image editing site is Flckr, this site does not fully provide free images, because there are some images that are not granted free download permission by the owner, the way you get free images from this site is to sort and select the option "use commercial & modification allowed ”.

Please also note that not all images on flckr are high quality and look professional, there are some images that look amateurish and are low quality.


Pikwizard holds a stunning library of over 1 million stock images and videos. What makes Pikwizard stand out is you can take each image and edit on graphic design software, Design Wizard. And the images of people are also great!
There's no attribution required, meaning you can use each image and video without worrying about copyright".
And yes, please let me know when it’s live and I’ll get it scheduled into our social media calendar to be shared.


The third provider of HD quality and royalty-free images is, this site also provides a large selection of images from professional contributors, besides photos, this site also provides videos without copyright.

The advantage of this image provider site is that you can customize the size of the image you want to download.


Almost the same as the site above, provides high-quality, non-copyrighted images, but unfortunately the selection of images on this site is still small.


The site that provides the fifth free image is, but the drawback of this site is that you cannot directly download the image directly, you must first register to be able to download it on this site.


Almost the same as Stockphotosforfree, on the site you also have to be a member and have an account to be able to freely download existing photos.


The site that has the tagline "photos for everyone" is also very good, the image quality provided is also high and looks so professional, you can freely download images on this site.

Apart from that, you can also become a contributor on this site and upload the images that you have.


This eighth non-copyright image provider site was created by Ryan McGuire, this site only provides his own images, of course the images provided are still a few, because he himself is the one who contributed.

However, you can freely download the images on this site.


The site with the tagline "Beautiful free stock photos" also provides a wide selection of high resolution photos that you are free to download.


The tenth copyright-free image site is, you can get various photos with Full HD quality.

Interestingly, you can also sort images based on the color you want, for example if you want a photo with a dominant yellow color, then a photo that has a predominance of yellow will appear, right?


This last site is a site that provides images up to 4K resolution, like the name pic jumbo, the size of the image that you download on this site is also large, even the average size of the image on this site when downloaded reaches 10 Mb. But the image quality you get is certainly very satisfying.

If you are interested, you can visit this site directly.
So, those are the eleven references to copyright-free image provider sites that you can choose from, so you just have to decide for yourself which site best suits your needs.

The sites I visit most often are pexels, pixabay, and unsplash, maybe you have other favorite image provider sites, you can tell in the comments column below.

"Advice" among 12 image provider websites, provides a stock of more than 1 million images and videos that you can use for free, and one more advantage is that you can directly edit pictures and videos there.

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