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Should Your Startup Be Scalable?

Lately, many startups , especially those in technology, are starting to apply scalability to their business. Various reasons arise, ranging from efficiency to improving business performance. But their goal is one: the progress of the startup itself.

The scalability of a business does promise a startup to be able to generate large profits and valuations of their business. Unfortunately, not all startup types have to push scalability into their startup . There are even startup types that are just not suitable for implementing scalability into their business model.

Then, how do you know if your startup really needs scalability to develop it?

Lately, there's been a lot of pressure on young business people. The emphasis is on building scalability at startups , rather than focusing on their efforts using different business models. In fact, it is not certain that a startup needs this to move forward. In the end, it is a waste of time.

It is true that many venture capitalists are reluctant to invest in startups that do not have scalability. However, this assumption is still being debated and of course all decisions return to you as a startup owner .

This means you don't have to change the origin of your business. Keep in mind, even venture capital firms are not businesses that apply scalability to their business model.

There are always business people who are more suited to creating a web design company, clothing label , or business consultant than building a software platform. This is why not all startups can apply scalability to their every business model.

Going back to the basics of forming a business, what are your goals? Basically, there are three things to think about before starting a business, including:

  • Is this business making money?
  • Will the business you build make you proud?
  • Are you able to enjoy the business?

There is no particular emphasis on these three points. Which is more important, it doesn't matter. What is clear, these three questions become a reason when building a startup , whether it's because you want to make a profit, create an asset to be proud of, or maybe because you want to enjoy your own world.

In conclusion, in building a business, what you need is a focus on business growth, not anything else. Maybe for you scalability in startup you should do it as fast as possible so that it can increase company revenue. You also build a business without understanding your main goals. Everything was done including hiring a large team to building branch offices everywhere.

Maybe this will help you to increase startup income in the future. But if your startup is still unable to do it, don't do it. This will actually plunge your startup into the brink of collapse. Focus on constant growth with your own business model. Love your business. Scalability is not the main target in developing a business.

Building the right business isn't building something everyone wants, it's the business you want. This business is a business that you can see growing in the next 10 to 15 years. This business is a business where you can sacrifice your blood, sweat, tears, and time where everyone else just walks away. This business is the business that calls you.

In the scalability process, companies need a system that helps the company grow. Employees as the main asset in this case must also be managed properly. Sleekr , as the mainstay HR software that employees love can be a solution for you. Register your company for free now .

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