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The 10 Key Skills of a Startup CEO

Startup? You are the CEO of a startup company? If so, you need some key key skills so that your company can work effectively and efficiently. We've listed the top 10 skills a startup CEO should have. Take some of your time to develop and refine the following skills: 


Mission Clear

A CEO, a leader in a company, must have a target in running his business. If you don't have this target, your employees will work without any clear direction. You are the leader, you are the one who directs them to work together to achieve the targets of the company.
This target must be a clear and understandable mission statement, you don't have to ask all employees to memorize word for word of this mission, but what you have to do is make them understand and can go hand in hand in order to achieve the company's goals. 


Work with people who inspire, challenge, and make you better

Indeed, hiring or working with people who obey all orders and agree to whatever your opinion is is a plus for you. But have you ever thought about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to work with people who are different from you? People who can provide challenges and new ideas when you hold a meeting, for example. Believe it or not, it can provide better benefits for your company, you can work with partners who have expertise that is far different from yours, or hire people from different backgrounds and experiences. 

Show it, don't just say it

If there is a new project or thing that needs to be done at your company, the best way to tell employees is to show the reasons why it should be done and invite your employees to work together so that it can be resolved.
Give them the freedom to use their respective skills, so they will feel that the job is really theirs. Do you know? There is nothing worse than working slackly, waiting to be told what to do and when to finish it. Productive employees reflect the employee's comfort at work, and the end results of them will be very good if they feel comfortable. 

Find solutions for a more effective and efficient process

Daily administrative activities can slow down the company's performance, and a startup business that is not big shouldn't waste time, energy, and money on paperwork. Startup companies must be aware of technological advances, and you should be able to find out what systems can help you streamline the work process in your company .
Don't let your company have ineffective and efficient processes, and find solutions so that the company can continue to develop its business processes. 

Continue to Watch Company Progress

A CEO is obliged to know how his company's business processes are, how the work of his employees, and where the development of your company has been. Provide data about the time and effort that has been given to the company's development process to your employees and provide good enthusiasm and maintain employee performance in order to keep track of the company's goals. 

Clothes must be neat and tie? Certainly not

Neat business clothes are not a measure of employee performance, it will be good, don't ever force employees to wear clothes that make them uncomfortable.
A comfortable office is also a productive office, providing freedom (at a reasonable level) for employees to wear clothes that make them comfortable and can increase creativity and productivity at work. 

Develop Your Work Relationships

The economy is becoming increasingly competitive, surely you want to continue to be the leader in your industry right? Building relationships with other businesses, freelancers, or other startups from both inside and outside your business industry can be valuable. Being able to draw on external expertise, gain greater industry insights, and work with other companies will help your small startup company grow more. 

Inspiration and Motivation

What employees need, not just a monthly payslip, so that they can continue to be comfortable in their work. As a leader, you must be able to inspire and motivate them. Supporting them, listening to their aspirations, and letting them take part in making decisions can give them more aspirations which make them very happy and feel appreciated. 

Be a listener

As CEO, listening is an important thing to do. If you don't listen to the aspirations of your employees, then don't be surprised if your employees suddenly decide to work elsewhere. Let them voice their opinions, and be an open leader and you will learn a lot and get valuable ideas or insights that you never even expected. 

Be part of your team

It would be wrong to say that the CEO should not be part of your teamwork. Collaborating directly and paying attention to every detail of your team's work can help the company develop well. If you want your startup to grow from small to large company, you have to be part of your smallest team and get the end result of the job done.
So, the things above are the 10 main skills that you must have as a CEO of a startup company
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