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3 Main Effects of Bad Culture in the Company

Culture within the company is very important to build. Without culture, the company seems to stand alone without a soul. The problem is, often companies without culture tend to form their own bad culture. In fact, a bad culture can make the company atmosphere less good so that employees become unproductive. Then, what are the impacts of bad culture in the company?

Lack of Morale to Work

When a boss doesn't set the right example in building the right culture, employees will also imitate these bad habits. For example, your boss is always late and doesn't seem excited when he comes to work. It cannot be denied that it will have an impact on employee morale which has also decreased. As a result, employees are less productive so the quality of their work is very poor.

To prevent this from happening, a boss must be willing to show a positive aura when he is in the office. Always smiling and looking excited and arriving earlier than the employees will build a good culture. When you see a boss who is always passionate, employees will naturally imitate this and become a more productive person.

Decreasing Level of Discipline

Lack of transparency in employee performance will make them negligent in their work. Because there is no strict control from the company, employees will only work as they are. This is exacerbated by the absence of feedback from superiors and teammates . Employees' work seems to be done alone, not working together in a team as it should be.

When dealing with transparency issues, a good boss must have a system where he can control every employee's performance and be able to share each of their achievements with other employees. When the superior is able to control each employee's performance, of course this will make it easier for the boss to provide feedback and input to the employee. Your boss is also able to monitor the performance of each employee so that you can share it with every other employee even before your high-achieving employee knows about it. Thus, employees will feel involved in advancing the company.

Lack of Discussion

As previously stated, a bad work culture results in a lack of discussion between employees. This is because employees are not able to communicate with each other easily. As if there are barriers and competition among employees. As a result, teamwork was not able to be created properly.

In solving this problem, superiors should have media that can help each employee to be able to discuss with one another. This media can be in the form of group chat or social media for employees. This will help employees discuss with each other without needing to meet. Thus, the discussion will not be limited to eight hours at the office, but also to the house. It would be even more perfect if the media could be accessed with a mobile device so that employee interaction would be more perfect.

Those are some of the bad effects that may occur when there is no good culture in the company. By knowing this, at least the impact of bad culture on the company can be minimized as much as possible so that your company can develop properly.
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