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4 Ways to Do a Free Business Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most important activities for every business person to do. Marketing activities done right can have a significant impact on the business you manage. In addition to boosting sales, of course it is also useful to make your product known by the public. For that, each company must allocate a certain amount of budget for their promotional strategy.

However, for businesses that are just starting out, in general, the budget that has been budgeted for marketing activities is not that big, considering that the amount of profit that is obtained is not so large. Are you one of them? No need to worry because even promotional strategies can actually be done for free. Here's how.

Email Marketing

If you want marketing at no cost, of course the answer is online marketing . Only armed with an internet network, you can do your marketing campaigns more practically. Surely you already have an email account , right? Take advantage of email to introduce your product to potential customers.

Use an email subject that makes readers interested in opening it. Remember, don't sound like spam so your email isn't deleted before it's read. According to a survey conducted by Ascend2 , email is one quite effective marketing tactic .

Social Media Promotion Strategy

In this digital age, who doesn't know social media? Almost everyone in the world is connected to social media. Of course this is due to easy internet access. There are also various social media. Each of them has different advantages to help you market the product .

If you intend to carry out a promotional strategy through visual content, then you can rely on Instagram or Facebook. You can upload an image or video that contains a brief review of your product. Make an attractive image or video so that people who see it are immediately attracted to the products you offer. You don't have to pay anyone to upload it on social media.

Write Content Related to Your Product

Apart from introducing products through visual content, you can also create textual content as a promotional strategy. Create a blog, then write on it. Write interesting content, then list the products you want to sell. To increase traffic to your website, you need to create articles with SEO. You can search on Google for any keywords that people might use to find information related to the product you are selling.

If you have more budget , it is better to hire the services of a writer who is more experienced for this promotion strategy. They are usually equipped with SEO knowledge as well as smooth bridging to link your article to the product being sold .

Leveraging Existing Consumers

If you currently have several loyal customers, you can get them to promote your product. Ask them to leave a positive review of how they experienced using your product. Ask them to write it on social media or blogs and sites that you manage. Their testimonials can be a reference for potential new buyers who may want to know more about your product before returning.

Who says marketing activities have to be done with a very large budget because you have to hire agencies and so on? In the way above, you can carry out a promotional strategy without having to pay for it or it's free. Especially for those of you who are just starting a business, do the above methods to attract more consumers. Good luck!
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