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Easy Tips to Start a Food Truck Business

The food truck trend in Indonesia is a new food business opportunity that is promising for profit. Basically, this business is similar to a restaurant and cafe, but all business operations take place in a large enough vehicle, such as a minibus or a VW Combi . This business concept that offers new experiences in culinary has received a very good reception.

The culinary business from America, which has been gaining popularity in the archipelago since 2013, has recorded more than 30 food trucks belonging to a community called AFTI (Indonesian Food Truck Association). Are you interested in trying your luck by starting a food truck business ? These are the steps you can practice to start a restaurant and cafe business in this car.

Decide on a concept first

Not much different when you want to open a restaurant, starting a food truck business also requires a mature concept. The food truck concept that has been decided at the beginning of the process of starting a business will make it easier for you to prepare for other needs. Starting from the design of the car that will be used, sorting colors and brand logos , to the choice of services for takeaway only or there will be dine-in facilities .

Choose a suitable vehicle

Of course, to start a food truck business you need a modified four-wheeled vehicle. If the capital you have is not too large, you should not buy a new car which is quite a drain on capital. Just use a privately owned second-hand mini bus that has a large enough space to operate a mobile restaurant or cafe. Make sure you choose a comfortable vehicle for production and sales activities.

Create a business plan

After obtaining the food truck concept you want and having a vehicle to sell, you can then create a detailed written business plan . Start by determining the vision and mission that will be carried and managing the capital as best as possible. Make sure you keep neat books, from the description of financial needs for licensing fees, raw material costs, to other operational costs.

In addition, you also need to make an overview regarding the estimated profits and losses that will be obtained from this food truck business. The trick is to calculate how many products you need to sell each month to make a profit. Even if you are forced to take a loan at the bank, you must take into account the ability to pay loan installments from the business profits.

Get permission officially

As a professional businessman, of course you understand that the rules for setting up a food truck business are as complex as a restaurant and cafe business in general. Since you cannot drive and stop this food truck at will, of course you will need official written permits issued by the government and local legal entities. Make sure you have a SIM, Truck Ownership Certificate, Ministry of Health Certificate, to Parking Restrictions.

Every city in Indonesia has a different policy. Therefore, you are strongly advised to contact the local government first to ask about the policies and regulations that apply especially to the food truck business . Make sure you have taken care of all these permits before operating the food truck so that your culinary business can run smoothly.

Determine the menu options to be served

The next step to starting a food truck business is to determine the menu options your brand will sell . Some food trucks that are already present in the community usually sell tacos, nachos, sandwiches, various pastries, ramen noodles, ice cream, padang, sweet martabak, to kebabs. Of course, the menu to be served must be in accordance with the food truck concept that has been made previously. Don't hesitate to present your menus in unique packaging to get more attention from customers.

Promotion through social media

Remember, the existence of your food truck needs to be known by many people. To save on promotional costs , you can do it for free through social media. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to promote brands and menus that are sold. You can also inform the location where you are selling and what promos are in progress.

Use accounting software

As a beginner in the food truck business, you certainly don't have enough capital to recruit and pay an accountant. However, that does not mean you can do business financial management carelessly. The reason is, currently there is accounting software that can facilitate all your business activities. Even if you are not an accounting graduate, you can easily manage the business finances .

Sleekr Accounting is the best answer for those of you who want to operate all business accounting activities effectively and efficiently . With Sleekr Accounting, you can access the company's financial dashboard as complete control over your business. Profit margin up to the amount of A / R receivables is available in real time and can be accessed online anytime and anywhere. With this dashboard, you can easily find out about the company's financial situation.
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