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How Fast is the Internet Connection at Google Headquarters?

Fast internet access is a very important requirement for technology companies, one of which is Google. How internet speeds are available at Google headquarters in Mountain View, San Francisco, United States.

On the sidelines of the Google I / O 2019 event, where developers were also invited to the event at one of the major events in the IT world and did a small test to try out the internet connection at Google's headquarters.
According to one of the company's staff, Google divides the internet network in the office into two parts. First is the internet for the public or visitors, and second is the network used for internal employees. The special internet network for employees, according to him, has a connection speed of at least 50 percent higher than the internet network for the public, because the network can only be used by internal employees. The following are the results of the internet speedtest at Google's office:

NPerf (left) recorded a maximum downlink speed of 131.42 Mbps, with an average of 127.07 Mbps. For the uplink, the figure is almost 100 Mbps. Speedtest (right) shows even higher results, namely 148 Mbps for download and upload at 209 Mbps.

The funny thing is, the staff said the numbers above are actually quite low because they are widely used by invited guests for the 2019 Google I / O event. In normal conditions, he said, download speeds can reach 200 Mbps. This is actually not surprising given that the quality of the internet network in the United States is indeed the fastest in the world, far different from Indonesia which is loyal at the bottom of the list for this matter. In February, the research institute OpenSignal said Indonesia was ranked 72nd out of 77 countries in terms of internet access speed.

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