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S-TALKS The Secret to Success in Today's Culinary Business

the Secret to Success in Today's Culinary Business . This time S-TALKS invited the Founder of Nutrify Catering, Anthony Lukmawijaya who has successfully run his business with Sleekr Accounting and Bananugget Owner , Natanael Winata who is also one of the MOKA Gold Merchants. One of the highlights of these two businesses is that the two owners are millennials born in the 90s. Check out the secrets to the success of their culinary business below:

Nutrify's Success as Healthy Catering

Nutrify Catering started its business in 2016 and does not have a physical store. The products sold by Nutrify Catering are healthy meals, which are currently in great demand by dieters or healthy food lovers. You can copy the following things for your culinary business:

Make sure every marketing effort is analyzed Nutrify Catering uses marketing tools that allow them to track the results of their promotions or campaigns . Examples include using a promo code , Facebook Ads, and paid promote.

The product must have an attractive photo

If we have a culinary business, product photos can be an important thing to have as a product catalog. And the better and better the quality of the photos displayed, the easier it will be to attract customers to buy the product.

Being competitive and innovative is a key! For culinary businesses, especially catering businesses, innovation is the key to surviving and winning the competition in the market. Look for the uniqueness that can be highlighted from your business and continue to innovate in developing every product you sell.

Nutrify has Nutrisionist as its uniqueness

Nutrify has a special nutritionist who they call Nutrisionist as one of the uniqueness of its business. Every Nutrify has a new menu that will be marketed, the menu must pass the Nutrisionist review first.

Promos that adjust customer behavior

In this month of Ramadan, Nutrify sales will certainly increase at dawn and breaking. On the other hand, the time for normal meals such as breakfast and lunch certainly drops dramatically. This was put to good use by Anthony to run promotions in the month of Ramadan. Customer behavior that changes at certain moments can be a reference for determining the promotional strategy that will be carried out. Don't misread the customer's own behavior.

Expansion strategy: adjust to the target market

In the future, Nutrify has made plans to expand its business by collaborating with several gyms which of course provide a market for healthy food lovers. As culinary players, we certainly need to understand who our market is. And this is the basis when we are going to expand.

Story 1 Year 36 Outlets from Bananugget

According to Nathanael, starting a business that is all it takes is courage . Nathanael decided to dare to start a business at a very young age, when he was in college. Opening a banana processing shop with various flavors is an innovation to reach today's market. The main challenge facing Bananuget is raw materials. Given the raw material that rots quickly, namely bananas, Nathanael must be clever to work around this. Take a look at some of these things to be able to win the contemporary snack market like Bananugget:

Maintain Quality Taste

Culinary business people must not miss the consistency of the quality of the products they sell. Competitors may be able to imitate our shapes, photos, even business models, but customers will still be able to distinguish by taste. Simply maintaining the quality of taste, the business will have its own signature and customers will also keep coming back.

Innovate based on data

When sales data shows a decrease in turnover, this is the time when we need to issue a new menu or make new innovations. Also learn about customer trends, which ones are the most and which are the least. For products that are less attractive to customers, we can create special promos to increase sales.

Inventory planning is very important

Plan the stock of raw materials in advance. For example, to face the moment of Ramadan this time, Bananugget has prepared stocks in advance. This prevents us from unpredictable spikes in raw material prices.

What do you think? A successful culinary business certainly has effective operational management.
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