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Types of Small Capital Businesses That Can Be Profitable for You

The main income is sometimes unable to meet secondary needs due to increasing household expenses. This is the background of someone looking for opportunities for a side business. For ordinary people, building a business is seen as difficult because it requires a lot of capital . In fact, not all businesses are like that. There are many small business you can build to supplement your income.

Here are some small capital business references that you can try.

Mukena Reseller

Even though it is not a basic necessity such as clothes that must be worn every day, mukena is also in great demand. You can make the mukena style and pattern change from time to time. Supported by the internet, you can sell the latest mukena models and of course at competitive prices. The charming color of the mukena makes someone easily attracted to buy it even though he already has it. Take advantage of Instagram to sell your mukena with attractive images, of course. Do it with a pre-order system so that you will only contact the supplier if a potential buyer is interested. You don't need a large enough capital to buy all mukena as stock items.


Another business with small capital is a catering business . What's more, if your residence is in a village area, this will be very supportive. Give offers to the closest neighbors who will hold a celebration. Remember, the dishes you make must be delicious too. If customers like your food, then this will spread by word of mouth. Adjust the price according to the quality of the food you are selling and let the buyers choose the ingredients. As a housewife who is not too busy taking care of children who are old enough, this business opportunity is worth a try.

Snack or Pastry Business

Love baking and experimenting with existing ingredients? Take advantage of this hobby to make money. At first, maybe you only need time on the weekends when you are off from work. However, as time goes by when this business starts to grow and there are so many orders that the time on weekends is not enough, you have to start thinking about resigning from work. To get more customers, apart from word of mouth marketing, you also need to promote through social media. Show the advantages of your cookies over the others and make sure the packaging is attractive too.

Toast and Fruit Juice

Business also doesn't have to be done online to attract buyers. For those of you who live in the village and have many small children there, this one effort is quite fruitful. Selling toast with various flavors and fruit juices can attract young children to buy it, right? Selling fruit juices during the day before late in the afternoon, plus by selling toast. Because your customers are minors, don't overcharge. You can do this business every day without wasting your time and energy. If you have to work during the day, then do sales only in the afternoon until the evening. Not bad, right, for a side business?

Of the four efforts, which one is most suitable for you to pursue? Adjust to the activities and time you have. Because running your own business is not the same as being an office employee, you must be more prepared and independent to face the various problems that may occur.
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