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Advantages of Using Payroll Software for Company Assets

Making policies in the human resources sector and implementing them to employees is the most crucial thing that an HR manager must do. The formulation and formulation of policies must be very careful and thorough. Strong data is needed as the basis for this policy formulation. To help with the process, it is highly recommended to use payroll software .

The use of payroll software is very effective for executing policies created, as well as managing employee data related to leave , wages, special incentives and certain gifts or sanctions. There are many benefits that can be taken from the employee's side by using payroll software that is integrated with other data. Below are some of the benefits that companies can get by using payroll software .

Filing Employee Payroll Data

Employee data storage on payroll software is done safely and based on cloud storage . This will reduce the intensity of employees carrying physical documents (such as birth certificates, family cards, and other important files). Besides being stored, this data can also be accessed by employees at any time with an internet connection only.

Employee payroll submission data no longer needs to take up a lot of space and media because any recorded or archive data can be stored online . Of course, digital storage also allows faster data retrieval when it is necessary to access employee payroll data for certain purposes.

Viewing Salary Slip Online

The use of payroll software allows each employee to access detailed information regarding the paycheck which is their right. This access can be done directly, anytime and anywhere so that it will make it easier for employees to get their rights.

The available salary slips are also a digital form of the actual pay slips, so that every detail and calculation that will be in the salary slip archive is a true and real calculation. Employees can also make corrections if there are some things that don't match the details of the existing pay slips. Simply make the download, then confirmed directly in the relevant section.

Get Salary Slip without the need to go to HRD

The salary slip itself has many functions that employees can use, one of which is to apply for credit or loans to the bank. Usually, there are employees who will feel embarrassed when asking for salary slips from the HRD for these kinds of purposes.

However, by using payroll software , employees no longer need to go to the HRD department directly to ask for the physical files of the salary slips they need. Employees can download a neatly archived digital file , then this download will only be known by the relevant supervisor. Employee privacy will be maintained and there is no need to feel embarrassed if you want to ask for pay slips for the two purposes mentioned above.

Calculation of Overtime, Attendance, and Wage Payment Details

Work shift arrangements made by the company can be immediately identified by employees through an integrated smartphone application . This minimizes ignorance of work schedules thereby reducing the number of miscalculations. Payroll software also allows it to be directly integrated with attendance software , so that it will easily calculate the amount of overtime done by employees, and enter into the calculation of salary payments.

In addition to calculating the amount of overtime, for example employees receive food incentives or food allowances that are calculated daily, employees can also double-check the details recorded on the salary slip. Have meals, overtime pay, and various other calculations been calculated and conveyed correctly? In this way employees can take control of the health of the company's financial system.

Employee Financial Information Update

Each employee has the right to a certain amount of salary and any incentives from the company, according to the portion and what the employee has done. On the other hand, employees are required to provide accurate data related to the Taxpayer Identification Number or bank account to which wages are transferred each month.

The use of payroll software allows employees to update these two crucial things. Employees can easily update their NPWP according to the prevailing system, then the supervisor will know it directly. Of course, the NPWP functions as a complement in fulfilling the tax obligations of each employee.

Regarding bank accounts, employees can also update at any time if the employee wants to change the destination account for wages transfer every month. The process is easy, through the features and options in the payroll software used, so it will save time and effort to update these two information.

Valid Data and Employee Trust

With easy access to data related to employee payrolls at the company, of course employees will have great confidence in the company. Information openness and easy access can increase trust in the company, and will have an impact on improving the performance of employees.

For companies themselves, payroll software can be a good control over the financial system as well as a valid data delivery medium related to payments and payroll calculations for each employee.

The use of payroll software itself will directly ease the work of the HR division in the running of the company. In the long term, the company will also benefit greatly from the various features available, thereby increasing the company's productivity. This is important, for the future development of the company and to maintain the company's relationship with its assets, namely its employees.
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