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Monday, November 25, 2019, Google Adsense Alternative Local PPC

For bloggers certainly no stranger to the name google adsense. With google adsense we can get income from blogs that we have. But the problem to become a google adsense publisher is not easy, not infrequently bloggers who are rejected submission of google adsense for various reasons.

For those of you who have been rejected many times by google adsense / want to find other alternatives, especially local ads, you can use alternative google adsense like Adstriton is an advertising network (like GA, mgid, Chitika, bidvertiser, etc.) where you can earn money just by placing ad code on your blog. Commissions given in the form of CPM and CPC. Payment / payout can be done when the balance has reached IDR 3000 with regular pulses, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency (bitcoin and monero). The available ad modes are:

Saturday, November 9, 2019

How to make floating ad slots on Blogger

How to make floating ad slots on Blogger
Hello Blogger friend! This time my blog will give tips on How to Make Floating Ad Slots on Blogger. The reason to place floating ad slots on a blog is to maximize our revenue, especially for blogs that have added AdSense ads.

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords Terbaru

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords Terbaru
Google Adsense High Paying Keywords Terbaru
Google Adsense High Paying Keywords Terbaru - Google Adsense adalah salah satu yang terbaik dan jaringan mendapatkan penghasilan yang mengarah untuk menghasilkan uang dari blog Anda. Jika blog Anda memiliki lalu lintas yang baik, maka Anda dapat memperoleh penghasilan yang baik dengan menggunakan Google Adsense membayar tinggi kata kunci ke dalam posting blog Anda. Google Adsense didirikan pada tahun 2003 dan dengan cepat menjadi jaringan monetisasi yang paling populer dan disukai lebih dari yang lain. Its algoritma penayangan iklan bekerja pada mekanisme kepadatan kata kunci yang digunakan / ada di posting Anda.

List of the Latest Google AdSense Supreme CPC 2019

List of the Latest Google AdSense Supreme CPC 2019
Google AdSense is an advertising cooperation service that is directed by the giant Google company. From year to year the number of AdSense publishers has increased as a surge in advertisers using Adwords services. One factor is the rapid development of internet users throughout the world.

Your Google AdSense Blog Calculation

How are the calculations set by the Google Adsense, so you have the right to be paid?

What if I don't click AdSense ads, can I still get paid?

Those are some questions that often arise from some people, whether they have been received by Google Adsense, or who do not have a Google Adsense account though.

What is so special about Google Adsense, so that many successful people generate hundreds to thousands of dollars in a month. How come? What are the payment details? Well I will explain one by one in simple language and hopefully can be understood.

What is meant by Adsense Publisher is a person who has the right to display ads from Google, After obtaining approval from Google about the criteria and conditions to be a Google ad publisher both from Google Partners (such as YouTube and Blogspot) or on websites or blogs outside of Google partners (. com .net .org .tv)

What is clear is an adsense publisher must have a video uploaded on YouTube or have a website or blog, where to display google adsense ads. Of course you have to follow the policy (TOS) of Google AdSense.

To find out the difference adsense account you can first read the article below.

Daftar HPK Terbaru Google AdSense Indonesia

Daftar HPK Terbaru Google AdSense Indonesia
Daftar HPK Terbaru Google AdSense Indonesia
Jika berbicara tentang Google AdSense, tentu kita tidak akan lepas dengan yang namanya HPK (High Paying Keywords) atau dalam bahasa Indonesia bisa kita artikan sebagai kata kunci dengan bayaran tinggi. Seperti yang kita semua ketahui, bahwa selama ini High Paying Keywords atau HPK identik dengan Niche luar negeri saja, seperti Health atau yang paling populer adalah Mesothelioma. Padahal, HPK Google AdSense ada juga yang dari Indonesia, artinya ada juga keywords tertentu yang memiliki CPC (Cost Per Click) atau nilai per klik dengan bayaran yang tinggi. Nah, kata kunci dengan bayaran tinggi inilah yang akan kita bahas di artikel ini.

Sebelumnya ingin saya katakan bahwa, keywords / kata kunci yang termasuk dalam HPK Google AdSense tidak akan menjamin CPC yang Anda dapatkan juga akan besar, karena CPC / Nilai per Klik dihitung bukan hanya berdasarkan atas Keywords yang digunakan pada suatu Blog, melainkan ada faktor lain yang turut mempengaruhi besar kecil CPC yang akan Anda dapatkan, seperti asal pengunjung, kualitas konten, pemilihan jenis iklan, dan masih banyak lagi lainnya.

Kita kembali ke topik, di artikel ini Theboegis akan memberikan Daftar HPK Terbaru Google AdSense Indonesia dari berbagai Niche atau Topik, dan akan saya urutkan dari mulai yang memiliki bayaran tinggi sampai yang terendah.

Baca juga : 5 Cara Untuk Meningkatkan Penghasilan Adsense Anda Terlengkap

Mungkin langsung saja, silahkan Anda simak kumpulan ratusan HPK Google AdSense Indonesia berikut ini :

HPK Google AdSense Indonesia Niche Asuransi

Baik lokal maupun luar, niche asuransi selalu memiliki CPC yang sangat tinggi, hal ini dikarenakan banyaknya pengiklan yang 'habis-habisan' dalam melakukan bidding iklan di AdWords, jadi tak heran jika niche atau kata kunci yang berhubungan dengan asuransi selalu masuk dalam HPK Google AdSense, seperti contohnya beberapa kata kunci di bawah ini.

Tips for Watching Youtube Videos

Tips for Watching Youtube Videos
Tips for Watching Youtube Videos
Tips to Watch Youtube Videos Widely - Needs tips, ways and efforts so that the videos we upload on YouTube have a large audience. Page view or the number of views on YouTube is very important role, especially for a number of companies that promote their products via YouTube, so that they can get the trust of many people to market their products.

This also applies to Youtubers who use YouTube to make money through Google Adsense. If the video is viewed a lot means the chance to get dollars will be even greater.

The natural way is to bring visitors or viewers naturally on YouTube videos, namely counter view / number of views coming from humans, not bots or scams. Because this method violates YouTube's new policy, visitors who come from robots will not be included in the count list.
Tips for Watching Youtube Videos
Tips for Watching Youtube Videos
So it would be useless if you use this method, because the Youtube system is now more selective in calculating the number of video views.

You should first read the Youtube video optimization article that I have explained before, there are important points on how to maximize youtube videos, so that they can be easily found in searches and seen by many people.

1. Make a video niche according to the category with channel / new channel

If you have many videos, it's best to group them in one channel or one channel only. The goal is that your video is not mixed together, and can become one category. Viewers will also find it easier to find other videos of the same type in 1 channel.

Without you realizing this will also increase the number of other video views. Make Chanel or the new channel SEO friendly, so videos can be easily found in search engines.

2. Make quality original videos

Make videos that are unique and original, according to their respective categories with clear video quality (HD), if you really need to do video editing with video editing software that you are good at. With good quality video, it is expected to be able to spoil the eyes of the audience, and be able to compete with other videos.
Tips for Watching Youtube Videos
Currently Youtube can play videos with a resolution of 8K (7680 × 4320). But we can use just the standard video, with a resolution of 1080p, 720p & 480p.

3. Make a video that is trending now

The types of videos that are booming or trending topics are usually sought after by the audience. This can be related to the latest news at the moment, or what is being said and talked about by many people. By following this development, people will find your channel and videos through a search engine, which is looking for new video sources.

4. Make an interesting title in accordance with the category and do not cheat

Now viewers are smart, and don't want to be fooled by titles that don't match the content in the video, make sure to maintain the quality and reputation of the channel by making titles that are interesting and in accordance with the category, once you cheat you will lose your chance to get subscribers.

5. Increase and increase the number of video collections.

By having lots of videos, a viewer will be more curious to see your other videos, because in one video channel on YouTube there is already a facility that automatically arranges your collection videos neatly, by having lots of videos you will most likely get lots of subscribers. Another case if you only have 3-4 videos.

6. Promote your video.

After finished uploading the video, don't forget to promote your video ... this method can be through social media or the web / blog if you happen to have. If you have a lot of customers / Subscribers will be very helpful, because once you finish uploading the video there will be a notification via email. And this really helps you to get more viewers.

About increasing customers or subscribers

If you follow the tips and suggestions above, God willing, customers or Subscribers will come by themselves. Currently there are lots of tutorials and ways to bring in or get YouTube customers, but there have never been any results.

Logically, if your video and channel are good and interesting then subscribers / subscribers will be willing to direct the mouse to the Subscribe button on your channel.

Secrets of How to Register for Google AdSense To Be Easily Accepted

Secrets of How to Register for Google AdSense To Be Easily Accepted
Secrets of How to Register for Google AdSense To Be Easily Accepted
Maybe you will ask why adsense is not as promising as we thought? The answers are many, but certainly all that require sacrifice is not small, optimization will not be able to guarantee success with Google Adsense .

I quoted a lot from all adsense publishers in order to be successful, including not only silent but applauding but through a little struggle, if you can earn a decent income with adsense manually, congratulations, you will not go back, but if you have not succeeded, your chances are can have to think and rack your brain so that each of your actions can be successful.
This is just an example, you can fill it later with your own note.