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Guide to Improving Blog Quality

Guide to Improving Blog Quality
Guide to Improving Blog Quality - Some considerations that form the basis for the site that will be displayed on the first page of Google, one of them is Pagerank.

Many various sites that expect to get high page rank. But what you need to know is that Pagerank is not everything and maybe now Google will not update pagerank for every website.

If we pay attention to the GTO (Google Technology Overview), we will know that the top ingredients that trigger both the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of a blog are the relevance and significance of the data sought by visitors. It is clear that the intrinsic value of a blog is the value of relevance. How many articles are searched by users in search engines in the browser matches the content we make. Therefore good and quality articles will appear in the main search engine results later.

While the number of incoming Backlinks and Blog Ranking only occupies about 18% of factors in the search results. SEO Tips for Designing your blog can be of relevance in building a good blog page.

Here are 3 indicators that can improve the quality of the blog:

1. Conversation Rate

Conversion rates are the percentage of how many visitors / visitors interact (do conversions) compared to those who only see the design of our website. Conversion Rate can be in the form of buying a product (e-commerce), signing up on a mailing list, clicking on an ad, giving a donation, downloading a file, or even just commenting.

The implementation to fix it can be done by improving the description of a product (e-commerce), increasing public trust, easy / attractive website design, raising a unique and completely new article topic and others.

2. Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate is a presentation of how much visitors leave your blog page based on the time of visit. This bounce occurs when a visitor visits our blog page and is not interested in the article that we make so that the page opened by the visitor will be closed immediately.

How to improve and increase the number of bounce rates can be done by giving a description of the content that is appropriate and consistent so that the theme of a content is not much different from the real theme.

3. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

In the context of organic search results, clickthrough rate is how often visitors click on your blog as many times as your blog is displayed in search result. A low CTR can indicate that visitors think your blog is not relevant to the data they are looking for, or maybe visitors find other blog pages that are better.

And the way to increase this clickthrough rate is to pay attention and correct the title and description of your blog. Is the description interesting? Or is there a unique reason that can be offered to the user to click the link to your blog?

Besides the 3 things above, there are still several other factors that can be used as a good measure of a blog such as traffic factor, daily reach, number of page views and time on site.

Other factors can also be done by increasing alexa ranking quickly and significantly.

Thus the article, entitled Guide to Improving the Quality of Blogs in the short and simple Arlina Design blog, hopefully can be useful as your knowledge.
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