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Effective Tips to Increase Links In Alexa

Effective Tips to Increase Links In Alexa
Effective Tips to Increase Links In Alexa - Learning from the experience when I started blogging, I would love to improve links in Alexa. Links in Alexa are backlinks that will be indexed by Alexa. Maybe there are those who have spread backlinks everywhere but not indexed, this is caused by two possibilities. First, links in Alexa have not been updated by Alexa, so you should wait until it's updated. Secondly, the backlink is not indexed, it could be a backlink placed on the nofollow site. Immediately, the following tips for improving links in Alexa.

How to Increase Links in Alexa

1. Spread the Blog Link to the Niche Match Forum

This method is the first thing I did. Simple and the possibility of links in increasing quite high, you just have to explore forums that fit your niche. At that time I visited because my blog has a lot of content about blog tutorials. So, you can share articles or answer questions using your blog link, but not most of them are not considered spam.

2. Use Yahoo Answer

Look for some questions that you might be able to answer, then answer as easily as possible. The rest give you an article link that can answer the question. You can also ask questions by including your link, it is quite possible to get backlinks and comments on the blog too.

3. Visit the Directory Site

Directory sites have systems such as link exchange or link exchange. So, it can benefit each other by linking to each other's sites. If your blog has many visitors from Indonesia, you should look for a directory site from Indonesia too.

4. Link Exchange or Link Exchange

I do this when someone invites a link exchange. So the system is similar to the previous way, you will install a blog partner link on your blog and they will also do that. But if there are blogs that want to exchange links using widgets, I suggest not to do that because most will only harm you. We recommend that you do a link exchange with the agreement of fellow blog Admin.

5. Commenting on Using Open Id

This method allows you to get free backlinks from blogs that provide Open Id comments. But. commenting using an open id account does not increase the number of backlinks as many as your comments, it might only get one backlink for the one blog you commented on.

6. Comment using Name / URL

This method is quite easy to do on blogs that provide it. However, not all blogs provide comments using Name / URL. Another disadvantage of this method is that the comments column is nofollowed, so even if the blog provides a comment column with Name / URL but it is Nofollow it is unlikely that links will increase.

Just to motivate blogger friends, here's a preview of Links In Alexa Blog.

I think that this article is enough, hopefully it will be useful for you all. Before applying the method above, it's a good idea to comment first.
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