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Understanding Unique Visitor, Visitor, Pageview and Bounce Rate

Understanding Unique Visitor, Visitor, Pageview and Bounce Rate
Understanding Unique Visitor, Visitor, Pageview and Bounce Rate - In this article I will explain the meaning of Unique Visitor, Visitor, Pageview and Bounce Rate that you can see below

1. Unique Visitor

Unique Visitor is the number of visitors from one IP within a certain time period. The Unique Visitor number is the first indicator of the success of a website, the higher the unique visitor, the greater the chance the website is reached, and the effect on the site ranking. the effect is also good on alexa rank, but not necessarily good on google PR, because google also takes into account the quality of visitors, while the number of visitors can be engineered with a traffic exchange program (Auto and Surfing Manual). One visitor who visits several times on our website will only be counted once.

2. Visitor

Visitors are visitors who are opening our website, either open by accident, or open because of stray, or accidental. Unlike the unique visitors, this statistic shows the total number of visits that occurred. So one visitor or one IP address can be counted several times as much as a visit. Every 1 Visitor must have 1 pageview (the page being viewed). If 1 visitor is interested in the articles on our website, then most likely the visitor will generate more than 1 Pageview. So make a website with articles that are as interesting as possible, so that every visitor does not just stop by for a moment, but stop by for a walk on another article page of your blog.

3. Pageview

Pageview is the page that the Visitor is viewing. Like the definition above, 1 visitor will definitely produce 1 Pageview. If 1 visitor opens 5 posts / articles on your blog, then the number of Pageview will increase by 5, but the number of Visitors still remains 1. So, the more visitors, it will allow your website to get a lot of Pageview.

4. Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate is the average percentage rate between the level of visits and page views (visits per page) of blog posts. This means that the number of visits divided by each page within a certain period. Why in a certain period? Because this has something to do with the Google ranking system or pagerank which is usually updated every 3 months.

For example if Visit or visitor is 50 per day pageviews 75, the formula calculates it is 50/75 = 66.66%. So the bounce rate is 66.66%. Which is better than high or low bounce rate? Obviously good low. Try counting again for example if pageviews are added to 200 = 25%. What is the meaning of these numbers? Visitors of 50 people with page openings of only 75 means that a visitor opens no more than 2 articles. While visitors 50 with pageviews 200 means that on average 1 visitor opens 4 articles. Can you tell the difference?

Thus the article Understanding Unique Visitor, Visitor, Pageview and Bounce Rate. Hopefully Helpful, thank you.
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