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Some Things To Look For A Blogger

Some Things To Look For A Blogger
Some Things To Look For A Blogger - There are several things that should be considered and become a habit for a blogger. Good habits that are very useful in supporting productivity and quality in building a successful blog.

Next I will give tips on Some Things You Need to Look For A Blogger.

1. Back-Up

This is the main thing that should be a habit. Make a backup, like an umbrella is available before it rains. Backups must be done regularly. Make a backup every time you make modifications to the template, so that at any time there is an error in the modification, you can easily restore it as before.

Complete blog backup at least once a month, but the more often the better, or at least every time we make changes or add new content. If you need to backup your blog every day.

2. Checking articles and editing articles

If you visit many blogs, maybe you will find lots of bloggers who don't do this. So that the writing is full of typos, misplacing punctuation marks and so on. Not only is this not good in the eyes of the reader, but it will also make your writing look unprofessional. This is the importance of checking, correcting, and correcting the article before you click the 'publish' button.

3. Make a link to the old post

Linking to articles that have been past, can increase traffic, improve bounce-rate and are very good in the eyes of search engines. Besides that it also helps the reader to get more in-depth information about an object.

Therefore, if you currently have 10 or more articles, on other occasions you create a new article, always create a link to your old article that is in accordance with the subject being discussed. This is a good habit that a blogger should not forget.

4. Approve comments

If you moderate the incoming comments, then checking and approving the comments must be a routine habit that should not be forgotten. The best advice is, do it the first time when you log in to your blog account.

I myself have not moderated comments. I want the reader easy to comment on the writings on this blog. And I have a good reason why you should do it too. Please read my previous posts, about making it easier for readers to comment.

5. Respond to comments

Remember the first time people commented on your post? How does it feel? I myself am so excited. You too?

Yes, indeed when we were very enthusiastic about responding at the beginning and answering the comments that came in, but as the popularity of the blog increased, and the more comments that came in, we finally didn't think things were important. So finally many comments were ignored. Believe me, that is not a good thing.

You still have to commit to always responding to all the comments that come in, even if only in the form of a thank you for visiting your blog.

6. Check the spam box

Because of one thing or another, sometimes there are comments from readers who enter the spam box. It is a good habit to check this spam box regularly. I myself found several comments instead of spam, which somehow came into the spam box.

7. Reply to an email

There are many readers who after reading our blog posts become interested in interacting directly, and often they send messages via email. Well, reply to their email properly. Included in this is, those who ask, exchange ideas and contact us through other media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

That's, Some Things You Need to Look For A Blogger. If these habits are done well, the road will be more open to building a successful blog.

You may add other good habits, please share through the comments column. Success for all of us.
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