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How to get a Blog Sitelink from Google

How to get a Blog Sitelink from Google
How to get a Sitelink Blog from Google - Sitelink or often called site link is a sub-link that appears under the Url of our site, when we do a search on the search engine with our blog keywords or search by blog url. Sitelinks usually display sub-headers from 2-8, so in sitelinks you can often find search boxes that can be used to search for something on the site that is displayed, but the search box usually appears on large sites, such as DeviantArt, etc.

The purpose of giving sitelink to a blog by Google is to be able to help navigate our site pages on the SERP. Sitelink is also an appreciation by Google because according to him the site has complied with existing regulations.

Is sitelink important ?, between important or not, what we see is a form of appreciation and profit that we get, with the presence of visitor sitelinks will increase dramatically because visitors can find out the kinds of content that exists, this will increase the interest of visitors to visit our blog.

How to get Sitelink
I have explained about sitelink, then how to get sitelink, please refer to the method below:

1. Serving the Applicable Google Algorithm

The purpose of serving the Google algorithm is to run recommendations from Google to us. The latest algorithm in 2015 is the Mobilegeddon Algorithm, which means that Google prefers sites that are easily and quickly accessed via mobile devices. This way you will find it easier to get the sitelink provided by Google. By speeding up the blog page will get a great opportunity to reach the sitelink.

2. Improving the Neatness of the Blog Display

With a neater appearance of a blog, Google will be quicker to like the blog because the content is placed correctly and neatly. This will help the explorer (visitor) to help find a content that is sought, and of course visitors will be more comfortable with your template. Indeed, many people underestimate the neatness of the template, they are only concerned with the content created without optimizing the template, yes it is true that content is important but templates are also important, so both must be optimized and not halfway.

3. Creating a Special Page Containing the Blog

The point is to create a sitemap page, about, contact, disclaimer, etc. Why is that ?, because these pages often appear on the sitelink of a blog, and vice versa if you don't have a special page like that, chances are you won't get a sitelink. This page is also useful for visitors to contact you.

4. Submit Every Article to Google Webmasters

By submitting every article to Google Webmasters, it is as if you ordered Google to crawl your article, well if Google crawls your article, then Google will judge the article to be used as a sitelink or not. Of course this method will be a powerful and practical way, because we just put the url link of our article, then submit.

5. Diligently Post Articles

Always post articles as if your blog always lives in the eyes of Google, so they will consider your blog to be considered good by Google. With this, then you will get a great opportunity to get a sitelink from google.

So many articles from me, hopefully this article is useful for you.
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