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How to get a quick blog indexed by search engines

How to get a quick blog indexed by search engines
How to get a quick blog indexed by search engines - Maybe you often ask about how to get a quick blog indexed by Google or indexed by other search engines on the blog. Actually SEO tips so that posts / articles blog quickly appear on Google index this has been widely reviewed by Bloggers and SEO experts, but here I will review the experience I know.

Indexed by search engines is very important for the progress and development of your blog, without indexing your blog will be lonely visitors and look dead even though you write fresh and quality content but still your content will be like buried, well this is where SEO knowledge works so the content on your blog is recognized and indexed by search engines like Google, Bing (Yahoo) and other search engines because nearly 60% of visitors will come from the search engine. There are several techniques or strategies that you must apply to be indexed quickly.

Submit Sitemap to Google / Bing Search Engines

Sitemap is a table of contents that explains what is on your blog, sitemap here is not a table of contents that is like on a page but a sitemap in the form of XML. XML is a language that is only approved by search engines. Wordpress users can create sitemaps with plugins, and for Blogspot users, they are usually integrated, as in the example below.

Please submit your sitemap to Google Search Console, for Bing / Yahoo please submit to Bing Webmaster Tools.

Link Building For Quick Search Engines

To be indexed quickly you have to build a link to your post page, don't just look for links to the homepage, look for dofollow links that point to your content. This will also make your blog popular and trusted in the eyes of search engines, search engines like Google are very happy with blogs that have relevant dofollow links that point to your blog page and you can get DA and PA.

How To Quickly Detect Google With Social Bookmarking / Social Media

One very fast way to get your blog indexed by search engines is to share your content on social media or social bookmarking sites that many have encountered today like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Besides that your blog will also get traffic from these social media sites.

Internal Linking in Blog Pages

If you want a new page on your site to be indexed fast then internal linking will be very useful. Mention your new page with an anchor text link, and update the pages that have been indexed before by including a link to your new page (make sure the discussion on your previous content matches your new content).

Linking your site's pages is not just about building an external backlink. The very important thing is also building links in your website (internal linking) that will remind search engines about the presence of new content on your site.

Ping the blog to call Google / Bing spiders

Ping was originally a method for bloggers to warn search engines of new content on their blogs. However, it has developed where everyone can use it to update not only blogs but also traditional websites

Ping is a very useful tool to warn search engines and directories for updates in your content.

There are many online ping service sites available. Some of the best I know are:

Comments on Blogs in order to quickly search engine indexes

Blogs with active readers and lots of new content will be crawled regularly by search engines, by commenting on blogs like that you will get the impact of their popularity and will get their own pages indexed quickly. Try commenting on the last post on blogs that are well known and have high rankings, this is a very effective way to get new pages indexed quickly and make sure that you use the page you want to index as your website URL when commenting not only on the homepage only.

Regular Blog / Website Content Updates

Make sure you update your site regularly, fresh content is important to get a new page indexed. If the content on your blog is stale, the search engines will not crawl your blog regularly. On the other hand, if you keep your blog fresh and updated (even though updating the index page) search engine spiders will keep coming back. As the reason why many blogs have a good ranking and fast indexed content is none other than because blog owners often update their sites with fresh new content.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design

It is undeniable, smartphone and tablet gadget users have now exceeded PC and laptop computer users, it is obligatory for us now to change our old templates to be responsive and mobile friendly so that visitors who visit our site / blog are not troubled to read content It's on our blog, especially now that Google has implemented the MOBILEGEDDON algorithm which requires us to make a website / blog that is mobile friendly and of course this will have a big impact on SEO Onpage and our ranking in Google search especially mobile search. So for those of you who are still using the old template please upgrade to be mobile friendly and to be indexed quickly by Google.

Those are some SEO tips on How to Get a Search Engine Indexed Quick Blog in accordance with my experience, if there are deficiencies and other suggestions can be submitted through comments. thanks.
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