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How to Use Permalink Blog Features to SEO Friendly

How to Use Permalink Blog Features to SEO Friendly
How to Use Blog Permalink Features to SEO Friendly - To start using this Permalink feature, you should first enter Blogger.

Open the editor page to create a new article, click the Permanent Link / Links menu on the right sidebar of the editor page, then select Custom Permanent Link / Custom Permalink as shown below
Enter Permalink according to the theme of the article you are going to publish, insert the target keyword, it should be noted that for this permalink the number of letters is not more than 60 characters and use separator (-) as a hyphen between words.

Examples like the following:

Then the URL or Link Address of the article that will be formed becomes like this: using-fitur-permalink-blog-agar-seo-friendly.html

Click the Finish / Done button to save the permalink that will be created.

For the record if the article has been published, the permalink cannot be changed. The permalink that you have created will be the URL or Link Address Article that will be displayed on the search results page by the Search Engine.


Although this permalink feature is quite easy for Blogger users to specify URL or Address Link articles to be published, there are still some disadvantages when compared to other blogger platforms such as WordPress or sites built with self hosting including:

1. The permalink feature can only be created or edited before the article is published, if the article has already been published, the permalink cannot be changed, maybe this is in accordance with its name, Permanent Link.

2. The URL or Address Link that is formed still includes the folder where the article is stored. Ideally, to really be an SEO Friendly link, the folder where the article is stored is not included.

Examples like the following: using-fitur-permalink-blog-agar-seo-friendly.html
Ideally, to become an SEO Friendly URL is like this: how- use-fitur-permalink-blog-agar-seo-friendly.html

Although the Blogger Permalink feature still has some shortcomings but it is better than before this feature is activated, at least you can insert the target keyword into the permalink that is formed.

May be useful for you all.

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