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More about the history of SEO

More about the history of SEO
Is it necessary to know the history of the origin of the emergence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? What's more important is how to know how SEO works?

For some bloggers may not need to learn the history of SEO, the important thing is to apply it. Like if you want to have Invona deer, do you have to read Toyota history? The important thing is to know how to drive and maintain the Innova deer, right?

Nothing wrong. But for me it is necessary to know the history of SEO so that you understand more about the world of SEO. For that, I tried to find information about when SEO began to be used and who first had an idea to search engine optimization?

Browsing via Google, there are quite a lot of results for the keyword "SEO history" but when trying to open several Indonesian-language blogs and the results have not been satisfactory. Generally discussing SEO itself, from understanding to application. Moreover, SEO reviews for Google. Even though before there was Google, there were many search engine sites.

Precisely information on the origins of more SEO I find English-language blogs. It turns out that SEO emerged from internet marketing, namely how to make a company's website in the top position in search engine results.

These efforts are then known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Finally I made SEO history articles in one of the SEO learning blogs.

I don't write articles about SEO history here, because this blog is just my notes. With this article, at least become an archive for me in learning SEO. Learning can't be half-hearted. If possible, as much as possible.
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