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Anambas Islands, 'Raja Ampat' in Western Indonesia

Anambas Island, located in the Riau Islands, has recently become a byword. Now this place is a paradise for those who like diving , snorkeling and scuba diving . Its underwater beauty has been recognized as not inferior to Eastern Indonesia. If you are not yet familiar with Anambas, this time Pegipegi will review more fully about this beautiful island in western Indonesia.

Anambas Island Location

Anambas Island, Riau is located right in the South China Sea, which is between Kalimantan, East and West Malaysia, and directly borders with Malaysia and Singapore. There are 2 ways you can take to get there, the first is by sea by riding PELNI ships that sail 2 weeks, as well as Pioneer ships but with an uncertain departure schedule with a travel time of more than 12 hours.

The second way is by air route: Tanjung Pinang on Bintan Island (Nusantara Air Charter aircraft) - Matak Airport - take a speedboat to Tarempa on the Anambas Islands. Whereas if from the airport in Batam take a Fokker 50 aircraft from the Conoco Phillip company with the route Jakarta - Batam - Matak - take a speedboat to Tarempa on the Anambas Islands.

The beauty of Anambas Island, one of the "Best tropical island in Asia"

Travelers , in fact not all Indonesians know about Anambas Island. But for world divers who like to snorkel at the same time , the fame of Anamas Island travel is truly worldwide. even named Anambas Island as the most beautiful tropical island in Asia. An achievement that is quite encouraging because Anambas successfully defeated Similan (Thailand), Halong Bay (Vietnam), Langwaki (Malaysia), and Koh Chang (Thailand) who are also a destination for world travelers .
The criteria that were highlighted were also not playing games, such as considering the naturalness of each island, varied marine life, remote diving spots, and expanse of blue sea that was able to refresh anyone who had just arrived at Anambas Island, Riau. So it is not surprising that after its popularity has risen, many local tourists are curious and immediately enter Anambas Island for tourism destinations besides Raja Ampat and Karimunjawa.

The exoticism of Anambas Island, Riau Islands, is indeed not in doubt. Just imagine, you are on a 'desert island' surrounded by the ocean, the water is clear with a combination of blue and green that refreshes the eyes, a stretch of white sand that is so soft, and natural atmosphere with a gentle breeze from the middle of the sea. Anyone will immediately be blown away. Especially if you guys have a hard hobby with underwater activities, such as scuba diving, diving, and snorkeling .

If you are still not satisfied with the underwater activities, you can also visit a favorite spot that is often inhabited by sea turtles to lay eggs, namely on the island of Durai. When the hatching moment arrives, one by one the small turtles crawl to get to the beach. It's funny to see cute animals who struggle so hard to be able to swim freely in the sea.

Oh yes, it's not complete to visit Anambas Island without exploring the surrounding islands. You can take a boat to go to Berhala Island, Dayang Island, Penjalin Island, Mengkait Island, Temawan Beach, Bawah Island, Rongkat Island, Rangsang Strait Beach, Chicken Island, Selai Island, and Padang Melang Beach which are categorized as the longest beach on Anambas Island with stretch of white sand with a texture of 7 km. Really wide right?

Jamai Island is suitable for beginner divers because the underwater currents are quite calm and stable. With a range of views far enough, which is about 30 meters, you can see each object that is firmly planted on the seabed to beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish. Meanwhile, Pulau Bawah has a panoramic view of a small sea water lake with shallow water so that what lives under water can be seen clearly from the surface of the water.
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