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Tourist Attractions in Riau Kampar Ready to Challenge Adrenalin

Bono is the name for the waves created in the Kampar River in Riau. Quite unique indeed, if usually the waves are created at sea and beach, then in Riau the waves can be created in the river. This Bono wave is actually a natural phenomenon due to the confluence of river flows into the sea and ocean currents that enter the river due to high tides. Because of its uniqueness, tourist attractions in Kampar Riau have become a unique and different attraction.

In addition to the Kampar River, Riau also has many destinations that can be explored. Ranging from nature tourism to rides to play here. So there is no reason not to go exploring if you are in Riau.

The following are recommendations for tourist attractions in Kampar Riau that are being hit and must be visited by tourists.

1. Kampar River

Tourist attractions in Kampar Riau, this one is perfect for tourists who like challenges, especially surfing. In this river there is a unique natural phenomenon, where the river will be choppy and often used by visitors to play surfing.

This Bono phenomenon only occurs at certain times. Namely when the full moon occurs every 10-20 in the calculation of the Malay month (Arabic) or in the range of August-December.

During the small month (dead tide season), Bono is almost absent. So if you want to feel the sensation of playing surfing on the Kampar River, make sure that tourists come here during the full moon.

2. Gulamo River

Again, Kampar Riau has a unique tourist destination, the Gulamo River. Tourist attractions in Kampar Riau is touted as the Green Canyon of Kampar Riau because it is very similar to the Green Canyon in West Java.

Here tourists will see the beauty of the river that divides canyons and steep cliffs resembling Cukang Teneuh or land bridges.

When heading to the tourist attractions in Kampar Riau, tourists will be spoiled by the beautiful natural beauty. Coupled with a panoramic view of the Lake Koto Panjang Hydropower Reservoir the journey to the Gulamo River is guaranteed to be more fun and not boring.

To reach this place, visitors can depart from the city of Pekanbaru to bridge 1 in the village of Tanjung Alai with a travel time of about 2 hours. From here tourists will take a boat or boat to the Gulamo River.

3. Batang Kapas Waterfall

Riau is dubbed the kora thousand waterfall because it has many waterfalls, one of which is the Batang Kapas waterfall in Kampar. This waterfall is the highest waterfall in central Sumatra with a height of about 150 meters. The location is in the village of Lubuk Bigau, Kenagarian Pangkalan Kapas, Kampar Kiri Hulu, Kampar. When viewed from a distance the terun water does indeed look magnificent with white rocks around it.

For tourists who like challenges, you can also camp around the Batang Kapas waterfall area. There are special spots that tourists usually use to set up tents. Enjoying calm in the midst of unspoiled and beautiful nature, accompanied by the sound of thunderous water will seem to be an exciting experience in Riau.

4. Panisan Waterfall

Panisan Waterfall is one of the Kampar Riau tourist attractions that serves natural beauty like a private place. This is because the Panisan waterfall is still quiet from visitors and the water is still very clean and clear. The uniqueness of Panisan waterfall is it has three levels. The first level is 25 meters high then the second level has 30 meters high and the third level has 7 meters high.

To get to the tourist attractions in Kampar Riau on this one, tourists must cross the Kampar River using a boat. After that, tourists must walk as far as approximately eight kilometers by passing rubber gardens owned by local communities, forests, and hills. Quite challenging adrenalin.

5. Ulu Kasok

Ulu Kasok is located in Pulau Gadang Village, District XIII Koto Kampar, Kampar Regency, Riau Province. Many say that Ulu Kasok is Raja Ampat KW in Kampar. If you have seen the panoramic photo, maybe tourists will not object to the title.

Actually in this Kampar area there are 3 leading destinations, namely Ulu Kasok Waterfall, Pulau Wisata, and the peak of Ulu Kasok. Among the three most popular tourists is the Peak Ulu Kasok. Because from here tourists can watch the Raja Ampat-style Pianemo view. Quite challenging, especially for tourists who rarely climb the hill.

6. Balancing Baling

Rimbang Baling is one of the remaining tropical rain forests in Riau Province. The condition of the forest in Rimbang Baling is still very natural, the trees are very tight. Biological wealth and animals are also still very abundant, in fact there are many rare animals in this Rimbang Baling. Tourists can feel the peace of nature in the Rimbang Baling forest by camping inside

Rimang Baling is flowed by the Subayang River whose water is very clear and clean. Its rippling currents are suitable for rafting and body rafting activities. But tourists can also go around enjoying the natural beauty of Rimabng Baling by riding a local boat. Guaranteed time will not feel boring.

7. Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park

Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park is a national park located in the provinces of Riau and Jambi with an area of ​​143,143 hectares. The national park, which contains tropical rain forests, is still very natural and is home to Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants, Sumatran rhino, Asian tapirs, sun bears and various endangered bird species. This forest area is also a place to live for Orang Rimba and Talang Mamak.

Tourists who visit tourist attractions in Kampar Riau will get an extraordinary experience. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the forest by walking leisurely, driving off-road, down the river in the middle of the forest by boat or camping on the banks of the river. Just choose which activities best suit the character of tourists. In the forest area of ​​Bukit Thirty National Park is also stored other beauty such as forest panorama from above the height and waterfalls in the middle of the forest.
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