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7 Signs of Being Toxic in the Body

THEBOEGIS.COM - Not sick yet definitely healthy. You might feel fine, don't have a fever, runny nose, and still be able to work. However, at the same time, you also feel less excited and quickly feel tired.

Be careful, lethargic and tired even if it does not hurt can mean your body accumulates a lot of toxins. If it is always passed, it can harm the main organs of the body especially the kidneys which indeed play a role in filtering toxins in the body.

Still do not believe if your body put poison? Try to see the symptoms below. 

1. Tired prolonged 
Even though you have enough sleep, all day long you remain sleepy. This might happen, because your body is working hard to get rid of toxins that enter the body.

The answer to this ongoing drowsiness is not coffee or sweet food, because both of them make the problem even worse. Drowsiness and fatigue can also persist, due to the body's response to the disruptive hormones that decrease your immune system.

2. Difficult body weight down 
It is never easy to lose weight. If you exercise every day and reduce your calorie consumption and body weight you still don't want to shrink, you can suspect there are hormonal problems in your body.

The benefits of our natural hormones, so can be influenced by poisons in food and personal care products. You need a detox and a healthy diet to restore the body's benefits back to normal.

3. Bad breath
You repeatedly brush your teeth, chew gum, wash your mouth, and eat throat lozenges, but the unpleasant odor does not also depart from your mouth.

Bad breath is often associated with digestive problems, but it can also be meaningful if your liver or liver is struggling to get rid of toxins. Until you can handle the problem from its source, you and your surroundings are always disturbed by bad breath.

4. Constipation 
The intestine removes many poisons every day from our lives. When constipation, we put all the toxins, which will have a negative effect on our bodies. Except for a bad stomach, constipation can cause headaches, pain, and fatigue.

Constipation can occur if you consume a lot of processed foods that are full of chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives.

5. Sensitive to aroma 
A strong reaction to smell, especially aroma - might be meaningful if you are only sensitive to chemicals.

However, this can also be meaningful if your body is fighting poison. Especially if you suffer from headaches or stomach aches just because you smell a smell that originally did not have any effect on you.

6. Muscle aches 
If you are not getting more physical activity more generally, then muscle aches may continue because the toxins enter deep into your muscles and joints.

Muscle pain due to toxins generally takes place repeatedly and continuously.

7. Skin Reaction 
Pimples, rashes, and other skin problems may indicate your body has the advantage of toxins. Acne, especially, can be related to toxins in food or skin care products.

Swollen eyes and eczema or psoriasis can also be a signal that the toxin content has passed the threshold that can be tolerated by your body.
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