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This is the only way to deal with heart attacks.

THEBOEGIS.COM - The heart is a very vital organ! t4l for the body. Its size is as big as an adult's fist weighing around 300 gr and is in the left side of the chest cavity, between the right and left lungs. Because of its primary role, a sudden cardiac arrest can take lives.

Coronary heart disease is one of the causes of number one death in Indonesia. From the statistics of the Indonesian Heart Federation, about 35% of the problems of death today are caused by heart attacks. Because of the danger of the disease, everyone needs to know the emergency steps that need to be done if you experience sudden heart disease.

Statistics show that 80% of deaths due to heart attacks occur when the patient is alone. Therefore in this opportunity article we can discuss how to help yourself during a heart attack.

Know the Early Signs of a Heart Attack 
Heart disease is basically not a disease that comes suddenly, signs of heart disease have been seen at least one month before the attack took place. Unfortunately some people underestimate these symptoms and consider them to be a common problem.

Previously we learned how to deal with a heart attack when alone, we need to know the three types of heart problems that are most commonly faced by people, namely:
1. Cardiac Arrest (heart stops suddenly) 
If at one time you see a friend or family that looks healthy and suddenly dies suddenly so the chance he has cardiac arrest. The heart suddenly stops pumping blood because the heart's electricity does not work as it should. The attack came suddenly and there were always no initial symptoms that preceded it.

Cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack (although it can be caused by a heart attack) where blood flow to the heart muscle is interrupted.

2. Cardiac Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) 
Irregular heartbeat due to electrical problems in the heart that do not work properly causes the heart rate to become irregular, sometimes very fast and can be very slow.

Although Arrhythmia problems are generally not at risk, they can also cause death if the patient does not change his lifestyle to be healthier.

3. Heart attack 
A heart attack occurs when blood flow is not smooth going to the heart due to fat or cholesterol in the vessels. This situation causes amazing pain in the chest and spreads to the patient's arms and jaw. Medical action is needed as soon as possible to destroy the plaque that causes blood to be blocked.

In a state of emergency the patient is sometimes unhelpful because he is alone or the person he cared about does not know first aid in a heart attack patient.

In that situation, the first aid is most likely that the patient needs to take medication that can thin the blood such as aspirin 300 mg. Medical authorities who handle it will usually give drugs to dissolve blood clots if you need to do surgery to normalize blood flow back to the heart.

How to deal with a heart attack when you are alone?
When experiencing a heart attack, the patient is racing against the moment, a little late the patient will lose consciousness and eventually die.

If you have the possibility aspect, you should know the signs of a heart attack. Generally what you need to pay attention to is the chest feeling tightness and pain that spreads to the arms and jaw followed by shortness of breath accompanied by anxiety.

If one time you experience those signs, you need to be alert and stop all the activities that you are doing. You must make your body more calm and comfortable to help blood vessels relax more until the blood flow returns to normal. The next step is to contact the closest person to ask for help.

While waiting for help to come, take 300 mg aspirin to thin the blood, making sure you do not have an allergy to the drug. Aspirin can break the blockage in the vessels and give the body time to break the blockage.

Here are some actions you need to take if you have a sudden heart attack: 
Note: The procedure only applies when there is no other alternative that can be done, in which the patient is just someone alone. 
  1. Don't worry. Fear and anxiety speed up the ongoing attack. 
  2. Begin to cough as hard as you can. 
  3. Take a deep breath and work a strong cough every 2 seconds. Work continuously, long and deep coughs. 
  4. Give pressure to the heart by pressing to help restore normal heart rhythm (deep breath will carry oxygen to the lungs, and coughing helps squeeze the heart and protect blood flow). 
  5. Besides that, try to ask for the help of the closest person or call the sick residence. 
The best step to increase the chances of survival due to this disease is to protect heart health as early as possible. Heart disease is a lifestyle disease and therefore to be avoided by improving lifestyle and eating patterns.

One of the most important ways to prevent heart disease is to stop Smoke and stop drinking 4lk0h0l. And along with this, start diligently exercising to expedite blood flow to the body.

Death can take place anytime and anywhere. With this information, I hope you can save your life or the lives of loved ones, if you benefit from the article, please give it to other colleagues or family.
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